True confessions

G'day all!

I was over at Smatterings* today and read about her problems with finishing garments.

(* a couple of weeks ago my friend K confessed a girlie crush on the lead singer of Garbage and I thought how silly, a girlie crush. I am long past them! Then on the weekend I read all of the posts I could on Smatterings' site. *blush* Oh how I want a place with a big garden and a nice view and some places to grow all the plants I want to have, the vegie patch, the orchard, maybe all done permaculture way.... make some time for dyeing yarn and do more spinning.... be abe to go for rambles in the local bushland and keep it weed free.... have a pond or lake or fat lazy river nearby, or the sea)

Anyway, back on topic. I confess freely that I HATE and ABOMINATE finishing. I hate seaming even if it is going well. I HATE HATE HATE weaving in ends - I mostly weave them in as I go but then there are still the odd threads that can't be woven in on the way, like the ones on the top and the ones used in seaming. They just annoy me. I am not good at the finishing thing cos once I've done most of it, that's good enough, let's move on and play with something NEW! Probably part of my infp/x thing coming out.

Do you hate seaming too? Do you hate the finishing thing? Even if it is worth the blood (someone sold me needles that had sharp pointy POINTS on them for me to seam a jumper with!), sweat (goes without saying - seaming is hard work!) and tears (when you realise you just set the sleeve in upside down somehow).

At this stage someone will be telling me I should knit tops in the round and have no seams! I did that once, made a nice top down short sleeved sweater last year on my honeymoon and guess what I was silly enough to do?

Make it striped! So it has ENDS! Argh!

I think I'll make me a Picovoli next. No seams. Oh, except I have to wait for the knitpicks order to arrive, and that has to go via a friend in the US.

Now in a shameful attempt to distract you from the lack of knitting pictures, I bring you some more photos.

These white caper butterflies flocks in droves across Melbourne two weekends ago. They were everywhere! Apparently they migrate to find good tucker but since the northerly wind was so strong they got blown about 500-1000km (say 300 to 600 miles) from their usual range. It was amazing. I have never ever seen so many butterflies in one day, not even in the butterfly house in the zoo. It was fabulous! This fellow was a bit late - I snapped this shot a week after most had disappeared. I reckon this poor little blighter was cold cos the temps were about 8 degrees C colder.

The wisteria is going mad at present. There are two shrubs - one on our side of the fence, one on the other and they intertwine around each other. This year I won't have to bother about cutting ours back. Someone else can, or it might get bulldozed.

We thought Cheshire was mewing a greeting to us and she walked along the fence but the camera shows her true disdain for us lowly humans. Either that or she was worried that she would fall off the fence - she isn't good at walking on the front fence. Possibly a good shot for My Cat Hates You.

Apparently I am obsolete verse forms.
Songs of Innocence, Introduction
You are 'regularly metric verse'. This can take
many forms, including heroic couplets, blank
verse, and other iambic pentameters, for
example. It has not been used much since the
nineteenth century; modern poets tend to prefer
rhyme without meter, or even poetry with
neither rhyme nor meter.

You appreciate the beautiful things in life--the
joy of music, the color of leaves falling, the
rhythm of a heartbeat. You see life itself as
a series of little poems. The result (or is it
the cause?) is that you are pensive and often
melancholy. You enjoy the company of other
people, but they find you unexcitable and
depressing. Your problem is that regularly
metric verse has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I can't say that I am unexcitable - I have to stop myself from flying off the handle sometimes - but I have to say that I am very fond of verse that rolls off the tongue.

"I had written him a letter,
which I had for want of better knowledge,
sent to where I met him down the Lachlan years ago.
He was shearing when I knew him
so I sent the letter to him
Just on spec addressed as follows
Clancy of the Overflow."
(AB "Banjo" Patterson, "Clancy of the Overflow")

OK, that is enough rambling from me for tonight! I have to go buy me some muesli - forgot it on Monday and I am really missing it.



  1. "sometimes i rather fancy
    that i'd like to trade with clancy..."

    sorry, that's from memory and i'm not sure what word is used, switch or trade, or something else. that's one of my favorite poems ever. it gives me goosebumps and makes me long for a sturdy horse and some cattle. *sigh*

  2. Lynne!
    Thanks a lot... now I am sitting here in my freezing cold cubicle in this tall glass skyscraper in a stinky city, wishing I was smatterings, too, with a big garden and some fresh air and some beautiful autumn leaves.


    Hi! How are you? I have to go catch up on your blog now, love the Cheshire pic!!

  3. did you do a copy paste from my blog? i swear these exact words of finishing hatred have come from my fingers before. HATE IT. WITH. A. PASSION. there feels much better. I'm doing a top down at the moment, I wonder if i'll ever go back to the dark side?

  4. I don't mind seaming/sewing up that much, but weaving in ends is something else. I have to try to do that as I go along or it sits and taunts me. Of course I wouldn't have nearly so many ends to weave if I didn't go for fannish scarves and the like but I guess there is a downside to everything :-D

  5. Wow - I believe your cat really does hate me. Scowly little things they can be but oh so gorgeous! By the way, I am 'Gregg shorthand'...rather boring thing to be, no?

  6. i hate seaming. a lot.

    i took the test twice, and the first time i came up french, and the second time programming in qbasic. sheesh!


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