The Snowy Trip

G'day all!

I am back from outer space. It certainly feels that way.

We had a nice slow(ish) relaxing trip driving around the Snowy Mountains and then around the south coast of NSW. We didn't go and see the LotR exhibition after all - the thought of going to Sydney made us run away and hide.

Why the Snowy Trip? It is autumn here, but there was no snow (it has been 30 degrees C here in Melbourne!) No snow - so why? Cos we saw the Snowy River (almost) at its source, then part way down its length, most of the way to the sea and then saw it trying to break through into the sea. The Snowy has a special place in Australia's psyche - all Aussies think they are the Man from Snowy River, except for those of us who don't....

We'll put a page of pics up, highlights of the trip. You will see the Snowy River, near its source and at its end. Nathan putting his nose to the grindstone. I shall show you the innocent face of the Dread Killer Car and much much more.

I found a nice place to buy some more alpaca fleece (including a little suri in chestnut) and managed to get three sleeves done for the one top. No I don't have three arms, thanks for asking! Maybe it had something to do with stuffing up the lace pattern on the fifth row of the sleeve....



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