April showers- I wish!

G'day all!

One of my friends emailed me and said it is snowing where she lives in England. Never knew April showers were not rain but snow.... However, we are still waiting for our April showers to show up. It was 32 or 33 degrees C here today. Our warmest April day for 20 years.

I've been pretty busy and very tired this week. I took piccies today of the bits and pieces we gathered, but I had a minor drama first.

I sat on the grass setting up my first picture. Suddenly I noticed a sharp pain in my leg. YOWZA! When I moved my leg I noticed some funny smelling stuff on it and it had a new hole in it. Then I noticed a bee crawling around... but a bee without its guts hanging out of it. I must've been stung cos my first response was to have a panic attack - the funny smelling gack seemed to trigger it - and then the area started welting up. Anyway, after some basic first aid (eat an antihistamine and wash the area, and wash it again and stick some deoderant on it and then a bag of frozen peas on it) I was back to taking pictures. Haven't downloaded them yet. The sting has swollen up to being quite obvious on my leg and is hot and tingly. I guess that doing lots of spinning tonight and going for an hour long walk was not a good idea.... The first aid stuff for bee stings says to elevate the area. I did use my left leg for most of the spinning, but I can't hop instead of walking for very far.

I have so many things to show you but so little time to blog in. The Noro hat, the stuff a kind stranger sent me, the new bowls and stuff we bought on our trip, my new coloured fleeces. I'll just have to show you tomorrow, after I go to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show in the morning.



  1. Bad luck about the bee sting.

    Have fun at the Flower and Garden Show tomorrow as I've heard it's nice and it also looks good on TV.

    I just missed seeing it a few years back.



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