HOTT hat

G'day all!

Well things have returned to normal here at Weedhaven. Nathan pulled the plug on the correct disk, first go! No nasty vir-chunk noises! Gee I like having my own sysadmin!

Now since we have computer, you know what that means!


The HOTT hat!

HOTT hat made of my own handspun yarn

Here's the graft on the cable edging. I am sure you can appreciate the wondrous colour match I made:
HOTT hat cable brim join totally unmatched

And this is the hat on my head. My head appears very lumpy. I think it must be all the brains trying to get out:
HOTT hat made of my own handspun yarn on not so hot head

I am very pleased with the hat. I am very pleased with the yarn. I knew it would knit up in stripes, i just didn't know exactly what it would look like. Some of the stripes are longer than others, which I expected from the way I drafted the yarn. Some are shorter. They are all LURID! Yay!

Here's what the sky looked like at 11am or so this morning:

Rosa General Gallieni making a bold dash for the sky
General Gallieni is making a bold dash for the sky. This bloom is quite old so it is very red. Younger blooms have creamy pink in the centre, and so do blooms in cloudy weather. He gets redder as he gets more sun. Just like me, actually! 8-)



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat!!!! GORGEOUS! The bright colours are the best!! Ever thought of selling the yarn you do?

    Love that rose too! Roses are my favourite! I have a little rose bush called Camillean (I KNOW I didnt spell that right!! But hope you get the idea).



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