Ding dong the disk is dead

Which old disk? The wicked disk!

Which old disk is the problem. At this very moment I am using Nathan's cobbled together PC. I usually use my FiL's old G3 mac, lovingly named skrewt (as in blast-ended) mainly cos you never know when a computer is going to umm blast. However, one of the two disks in that machine is pretty much dead, only we can't figure out which one without opening up the G3 box and physically unplugging one or the other and seeing if the machine boots or not. Last night as Nathan made sure the disks were synched on my machine we had a catastrophic crash. Anyway, it means no pics for the time being cos they are all on my machine. Hopefully I will have pics later, when skrewt is happy again.

I bad girl. I bought some more tops at the spinners' guild this morning. Spank me. I am going to see if I can spin them in such a way as they blend from one colour to the next over 2-3m. Not at all like the Noro stuff I've played with recently. No, mine will have three plies and not have silk. I also got some not very coloured fleece from the once a year coloured fleece sellers so I can try polwarth, corriedale and romney, see how they spin up.

Thanks for your comments on the "swatch" btw. Looks like it is a goer! And you'll be able to see my lovely new hat once the old G3 is up and running again cos I only have to seam it today. It is lurid. :-)

Ah well, off out again so we can get some cable for the tv antenna to plug it into the computer. (You know what that means!) I'll be driving my little bird killer, who has four new tyres - he feels like a little rollerskate sliding along the road.

I think I might give the person who makes the eleventy-first comment on my blog, like the eleventy-first comment in the whole 7 or 8 months I've been blogging a little prize. A little pot luck thing. I passed a hundred comments the other day - heck the Harlot gets that many in a day! Dunno how she copes. Of course I am not oging back and counting allthe ocmmnets - i save them in a file in my mail, so I may have accidentally deleted one or two but the eleventy-first comment I put in that blog may well get a little handspun yarn or a little baggy.

If I don't respond to any emails over the next day, don't be surprised - I have to steal time on this machine.



  1. Mmm I am always worried about our computer going boom! We are gonna have to buy a new monitor soon. We have had this one as long as I have been with Adam...And he said his family had it heaps longer then that! I would love to get a whole new computer one day!

    Cant wait to see that beanie! And your new spun yarn that you got the tops for!


  2. Jill McCoy12:02 am

    Commiserations on the poorly 'puter - technology is wonderful, as long as it works. When it doesn't it's a major pain in the posterior. Hope you soon have it all up and running again.

    Oh, and by the way - shouldn't that be the eleventy-oneth poster? Just asking.



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