G'day all!

I am in lerv. I am knitting a hat, yes another hat, I seem to have a hat fetish at the moment. This is different. It is a very special hat.

It is a hat made out of my own home spun. I grabbed a skein of the red/orange/purple yarn and ballsed oops balled it up and cast on for another hat.

I don't think I've ever seen a yarn so lurid, except maybe for the stuff I showed you yesterday. This hurts the eye! it is FABULOUS!

Once I have made the hat I will show you it in all its glory. I shall do a happy hat dance. You will cringe and turn the brightness down on your monitor.

Tip for the day - keeping the leg elevated

OK, so earlier in the week I had to keep my right leg elevated cos of this bee sting. Great, fab, just what I want to do all day long! But what about the shower?

Well our shower is over the bath, so the obvious thing to do when your leg feels like it is about to blow off any tick of the clock is to sit down. But how to keep the leg elevated?

Don't. Don't worry about it. Why?

One does not recommend propping one's leg up on the edge of the bath. It seems that one's buttocks are unable to get a good grip on the slippery bath surface.... The grip between the butt skin and the bath can be related to say driving a car on marbles. It just doesn't work.

anyway, off to craft night. Hooray!



  1. I know what knitting fetishes are like as I have a sock fetish at the moment.
    Five completed pairs and 3 half pairs have been knitted recently with another sock about half done.


  2. oooh I so cant wait to see the beanie! I love your bright yarn that you spin!

    Mmmmm I would love to be in a fetish with my knitting. Have no time :( have to get all the orders finished that I have before too far into winter.



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