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Do you ever find one of those patterns that you think is great but for some reason that you don't quite understand, you can't get it right?

I cast on for the lace top again. I've already cast on once and gotten 5 rows into the pattern when I realised that the top was never going to fit me like I expected it to (ie sorta neat fitting around the hips).

I thought if I cut a couple of repeats out of the pattern (went down a size) and used smaller needles (tighten up the guage) that it would be fine.

Umm, err, nope! It is even BIGGER this time! How is that possible? It goes one and a half times around my hips!

So am I the retard or is the pattern? And what should I do? Go to a 3.25mm or give up on the idea of doing it on a circular needle - it should be done on straights.

I bought a great suit today. The jacket originally cost $320 and the skirt $90. I got the set for $80. Golly I love me a bargain! Technically a summerish suit cos it is white based with pink/watermelon but as soon as I put the jacket on, I had to have it. We found a co-ordinating skirt that fit well - the first one wasn't so great but the second was almost perfect. I would do a pic but that involves doing the rest of me too and this is slob day. Oh, hang on, every day is slob day but today is slobbier than normal day. I put a green skirt in the same style and a strapless black dress on layby.

Plus I showed my lurid hat to (argh, mental blank) at AK2 and she thought it fab. She is making an interesting half felted half woven scarf - I'd love to do that sort of stuff too. Pat at Marta's thought the hat was pretty good too :-)


Man, I am a total reee-tard. I forgot to post this! I gave up on the circs (Jill warned me but I would persist with my ideas of circularity) and started again on the front or back only on straights in the smallest size after realising that my gauge and their gauge were totally different on the lace. My gauge on the lace meant that each repeat would be about, wait for it, 1.5 times the length the pattern designer thought it should be! That might be why the thing was soooo blasted big!

So I am on the straight(s) and narrow now. I am worried after completing two repeats that it will be just too narrow for me. Nyeh. I'll do the back/front on 4mm instead of 3.5s. Yes it will probably give it a bit more ease and maybe look a teensy bit odd but I don't think so. My gauge on the 3.5s is only slightly smaller than on the 4mm....

ANZAC Day tomorrow. Yay. A day off. I should fix up all the pics I've been hoarding from you, the yarn I've spun, the yarn that is dyeing in the pot as we speak.... (That will be fun to unwind cos I've dyed it so that I have long repeats of colour and it has gotten a bit tangled along the way. Ooops).



  1. When I made Harley the Rowan Will pattern I had SUCH a problem with the front collar..I put it aside for like a month cos I just couldnt understand it..I had my mum look at it...She said "just do as the pattern says" so..two weeks later (so a month and a half afterwards) I sat and looked at the pattern..Read it again and OMG it was basic!! The whole damn time I had just been reading it wrong! SIGH..I think I found a blonde hair or 50 that night! lol

    I have problems with circs. They totally stuff up my tension and make it too big. So I avoid them where I can! lol


  2. Jill McCoy4:37 am

    Glad you got it sorted. Planning to go up a needle size or two if you need to sounds like a plan, but I'd make the piece you're working on now the front - the looser tension will probably work better on the back. Either that, or you could work an extra repeat in the second piece, and decrease it down before you get to the armholes. Hope it goes along well.


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