I'm still a bad blogger

G'day all!

Today started off pretty danged well. Went to the flower and garden show, wandered around in the hot sunshine (after finding the first aid mob and using some of their sunscreen) and then decided my leg hurt too much and I should come home.

(I hear any English people out there asking why use sunscreen? Because even in April, the Australian sun can sizzle you like a sausage. The Australian sun is quite harsh, unlike the gentle sun of England. Even I didn't get sunburnt in England and I just fry here. We can usually pick out Pommie backpackers who have just arrived here by the brilliance of their bright red lobster-like skin.)

I've spent most of the afternoon and evening with my foot elevated, trying to reduce the swelling. Why is my leg puffed up? Cos I react badly to arthropod stings. The puffing starts around the bottom of my ankle, covers my achilles but not my soleus muscle (except the edge of it) and goes 2/3 of the way up my calf. The bee stung area is blistered presumably from being inflamed all day. I think I might have to visit the dr before going to work tomorrow simply cos I am having difficulty walking.

Unfortunately, sitting at the computer with my leg up is nigh on impossible, so I've not picked out the good pics from yesterday yet. The only way I can put my leg up is sideways and that is a total killer for my neck and groin.

So many apologies - never expected a simple bee sting to be this exciting!



  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    poor little thing. My mum has the same trouble. Have you thought about taking an antihistamine? Makes a difference for her.

    (yarn harlot)


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