Is this the face of a killer?

G'day all!

No update on the trip cos I need to get some pics together of our tour around the south coast and in particular the goodies we (I) got at Central Tilba. BTW, if you follow the link to Central Tilba, you may or may not be able to tell where I spent some $$. Have a ping at it and tell me what you think.

This is my baby car. He is seven now, so he is not a baby any more I guess. BTw, do you like the number plate slogan "Victoria - on the move"? This is old now. We are now "the place to be." At least we were getting someplace before, now we are just being!

This is a most serious question. Does this look like the face of a killer car?

This car was the death of many many locusts (no great loss!) and at least one blowfly with maggots on board (ask me how I know!). We also helped select for magpies that get off the road quickly rather than becoming a two part magpie story (oops) (BTW, the Aussie magpie is not the same as the European one, and I hope that link works for you cos it uses flash and I can't run flash on my browser...). Car had a taste for blood after that and hoovered up a fantail (bird) that decided to try to outfly the car (I did slow down but I can't stop car on a dime). I found the sad remains of the fantail stuck under the radiator.... Then, car just could not stop himself! MUST KILL BIRDIES!

So when a grey bird led its flock across the road near Central Tilba, it was not pretty. The first bird decided to fly into the path of the car and cleared the bonnet somehow but its mates ran into the side of the car.... oh dear. Four or five sad little fluffy grey bodies bouncing behind the car.... Nathan rubbed that one in a lot, but like what was I to do? They flew out as the car was going past them. Like DUH! Ah well, that will help breed a smarter version of that bird.

I am just hoping that car's lust for blood stops with smallish birds. I reckon an emu or a bustard would probably bust(ard) my car and as for a wombat or a roo....

On a totally different note, here are the next things on my knitting agenda. I have the yarn and have done two sleeves of the top (with one repeat of lace rather than just garter stitch). It took me about four nights to knit three sleeves in the pink yarn I have. No I don't have three arms.

And I am swatching for the jacket from Winter's Vogue Knitting. I have stitch gauge but row gauge is well off so I emailed Vogue Knitting. We don't have Lion brand wools here so i am yarn subbing. Unfortunately the yarn I thought I would use does not come in black - like what yarn doesn't come in BLACK for heavens sake? I may end up having to dye some cream yarn black.... I am going to knit this in creamy white, duck egg blue/green and black. Should be stunning.

Finally just cos I can,

Cheshire smiling:

And our little lush, Nutmeg, sprawled on the bed

As happy as a clam:




  1. Anonymous6:53 am

    I love that VK jacket, but think I need to lose a heap more weight before I even think about trying to wear it. Love the yellow top, too - can I ask what the pattern is? I'm planning something very similar in some grey ribbon I picked up cheap at Wondoflex.

  2. Just passing thru, love the cat pics. :)

  3. your car looks far too innocent to be a killer! lol

    Your cats are so adoreable! And content little souls



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