Monday, April 11, 2005

My new promise

I, Lynne, do hereby promise that I will do my best to leave at least one comment a month on the blogs I read, especially those blogs that don't get many comments. However if you don't have comments turned on in your blog, I can't leave you comments easily. And if you don't have comments on and an email addy that I know about, it will be even harder to leave a comment!

Why am I making this promise? Cos I know how sad it is when you blog your little heart out, put up lots of pics and get two or three comments a week. It does make each and every comment special though :-) Especially when you get a google hit from hot pussies. Yes the cats are pretty cute. LOL

1 comment:

  1. I know that feeling too. Thats why when I go to other blogs I read I try and find something to post about. Most blogs I read dont get many posts.



I enjoy getting comments but if I don't have your email address, I may not be able to reply 8-\
I'm trying various commenting things so that I can reply to your comments within blogger itself.