Dread Fell Beastie

A tale of horror in which we take a break from spinning and knitting

We had heard that some dread creature was lurking in the Yarrangobilly Caves. It was said to be a Karst Critter, only found in limestone caves found in a few isolated areas of the east coast of Australia. Bravely we set forth to see if the rumours were true.....

We knew that beneath this tree:
twisty trunked tree
lay the entrance to the cave the Dread Fell Beastie was rumoured to inhabit.

The path was guarded by smaller versions of the shape shifting fell beastie:
guarding the path
guarding the path

And this apparently monstrous one:
monstrous ravening lizard beast

Bravely we entered the lair of the DFB, creeping through its gaping maw:
entering the mouth

And stared upon what we think were its dripping horrid tonsils:
dripping disgusting tonsils

And its terrible innards:

We even saw stomach acid pooled and waiting for us to fall in. (No thanks!)
reflective pool of stomach acid

I think this was some bile but Nathan says it is the remains of copper pennies thrown in as a talisman against the DFB:
green copperish bile

Some of the innards were pretty strange - little mashy things pointing out all over the place:

If anyone knows what it would use these for:
fluffy stalactites
please let us know.

And we even saw some massive organ:
where is the phantom

This was the final straw:
ancient long straw

We fled the lair of the Dread Fell Beastie, racing off in the car up the dirt track with a clatter and bang. Nathan was so shaken by the experience that he did not want to recover in the thermal pool, instead sheltering in the men's toilets for half an hour. Lynne sat in the car and knitted a little bit of shawl.


  1. They are some great pics! You are very brave to venture into the DFB ;)


  2. Anonymous4:29 am

    Wow, the lair of the DFB! My 11 yo would LOVE to venture into the gaping tonsils. :)

  3. Anonymous4:30 am

    Oops, that was me. *blush*



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