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G'day all!

Well today I have a few photos to show you. It is always a famine or a feast with me - I don't know what moderation is it seems. Hokelly dokelly, where to begin?

Hmm, let's start with a side branch. Unmoving desks is wearisome, especially when you find the wire manilla folder racks in the bottom of the last box you unpack, after unpacking all the folders and stuff that usually live in the racks. Then you discover that your new desk is sorta limited in space to put said racks so you have to put them on the bookshelf instead. In the meantime, your desk looks like a bombshell hit it (not much different to normal my workmates would say but normally I have organised chaos on my desk if that makes sense. I can always find stuff). One of my team mates unpacked in TWENTY MINUTES! Like she doesn't have half the crud I have that I have to drag around with me - modules in development, modules being reviewed, research for upcoming modules.... So much for the paperless office! Oh and I do admit I have quite a number of small stuffed toys and a collection of postcards and funny pictures but I have only put up three of pics and half a dozen soft toys so far.

My desk and my garden are rather similar really. I live in constant mess. Once in a while I go nuts and tidy madly, but slowly chaos creeps back in and suddenly I have a mountain of newspapers and interesting bits and pieces that I have to find places for or turf. I am starting to turf stuff, me, the eternal magpie! It runs in the family. Both my parents were magpies. When the old man moved into a retirement home, we cleaned out Home. We found things like a tin biscuit box full of receipts from a family holiday to Sydney from before I was BORN! Souvenirs from the Queen's first visit to Oz. Souvenirs from the 1956 Olympic Games. Newspaper cuttings. An old wallet of my father's, with a letter rejecting his application for Air Force service in WWII ( he was in a protected industry). All sorts of things. I just can't help myself. Nathan is a magpie too. We have filled up the garage and 3/4 of the house with Stuff (tm).

So, let's show a little something I spun up from the Bush Blush I bought at the craft fair a month or so ago. I was so enthused with this one I forgot to take pics of it on the bobbin!

bush blush skein

Then there are pics of the purple/blue/magenta spun up:

singles of more jeweltone yarn

jeweltone skein

And the multi-greens in both cake and spun forms:

a cake of greeeeeen tops

all spun and skeined up

And some green that I tried to blend with some turquoise from a peacock blend but it came out a bit lumpy due to some drafting issues (the green was a bit fuzzy - I think it had been a bit loved and had lots of neppy bits). Plus the camera really has issues with the colours. Digital cameras have much problemo with turquoise - it just doesn't make their little CCDs light up the way it does for humans.

fluffy turquoise and green yarn

I have Plans for the greens and green/blue that I have spun. More on that later.

Oh, btw I have spun these up over the last week or so - didn't do all of them last night and tonight!

Now you can see that progress is being made slowly on the front or back of the pink top (probably the front). I have finished the first ball of yarn (Zhivago). That has temporarily ceased progress.

pink lace top is progressing

I should show the first sleeve of the jacket too, and the scarf I am making based on one that Knitorious showed off last year. (I'll find a link when I finish and blog the scarf). First I need to get pics and I need to do them in daylight cos the flash picks out the white bits.

Today's weird occurrence. Parking my car next to a car like my little brother's in law. He has an import from Japan, a car that was never imported to Australia commercially. It is a Skyline AWD with twin turbos. It goes very very fast and jumps from a standing start to 80kmh (50mph) in not very long at all. The downside is that it drinks the juice like a car possessed if you drive it hard. And he drives it. The weird thing about parking next to a similar car is that I have only noticed two or three of those cars in Melbourne, and I notice cars. I am not a very good girl in that way. I can usually tell who has come to visit by the engine note of their car and can recognise cars like some girls can pick a Gucci bag or shoes from 50 paces.

I guess I have different interests.

We haven't had much pussy action for a while so looky here. Two cats on the bed AT THE SAME TIME! Even better, both of them on their backs, paws in the air!

Cheshire and Nutmeg share the bed



  1. Anonymous5:30 am

    Mrs Slocombe is alive and well and living in ....

    ... your house.

    Gotta love a sad pussy joke :)

    p.s. yarn looks ace!

  2. Fantastic spinning ! Really beautiful yarn.

  3. Ooooh I so love the yarn you spin! You always have the greatest colours!!

    I have to wonder how many Horny Teens are gonna come across your blog now just cos they google 'pussy action' ;)


  4. HEE HEE! Cute kitty pics!!!!

    Also, nice usage of an excellent search term there to get those hits up, bwahahaha. Wow, can't wait to see your traffic go waaaaaay up ...

    ... and how happy they will be to discover not only a furpile, but also, lots of wool! Pretty, green wool!

    Your pics are lovely, by the way....


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