G'day all!

Here's the bad news:
A famine of photos continues.

Here's the good news:
I have lots of photos to put up once I can download them and GIMP them. Plus I have some thoughts to share with you. I am even getting some knitting done!

Today's highlights:

a) the Yarnharlot's bookbookbook is rooolly good. You NEED a copy. NOW!!! Even if you don't knit. Nathan thought it is funny too. He doesn't knit. What better recommendation can I make. Oh, yeah, if you can buy it in your local bookstore. I can't. I live in Australia and if I can be politically incorrect, the booksellers here are totally retarded when it comes to getting in new releases except for Harry Potter.

b) I found an M&M or a Smartie piece on my desk this morning. It was in the middle of my pile of colourful pens. That was weird cos I can't eat chocolate and I really really DETEST Smarties and plain M&Ms so even if I could eat chocolate I wouldn't leave little bits of candy-coated chocolate on my desk. For those who need to know, the outside candy layer was red, a deep rich pinky red like the colour that comes out of those poor little bugs whose names I've just remembered - cochineal beetles. Or beets.

c) Gobsmacked. Lookie here - travel warning for CANADA???

d) There is no d point. I don't know why I have a d point.

Tip for the day

Ensure that your underwear/skirt synergy is positive. I wore the wrong combination on Thursday. Skirt's dropped waist band and undies' elastic were at the same level. Things got a bit dodgy as I trotted (yes I RAN a little way!) down the footpath to make sure I got the lights. I had some definately sinking feelings. I was starting to think I might have to do that most gauche of manoeuvers - the dreaded UNDY HITCH! It's even worse than the pants hitch that avoids the dreaded MUFFIN TOP.

(From The Age, http://www.theage.com.au/news/Opinion/Fashion-has-muffin-to-do-with-taste/2005/03/18/1111086007248.html?oneclick=true.
here are a few fashion tips: if you're a girl and you want to look like every other girl on the streets of St Kilda or Fitzroy, buy yourself a pair of hipster jeans that are two sizes too small for you. Make sure they cut into your fat, and your flabby belly hangs in front. I believe it's commonly called the muffin top look.)

Today's confession.

Our office is one block from the railway line that runs around the edge of Melbourne. I heard a freight train, well more *felt* a freight train go past. I had to get up and go and look to
make sure it was a freight train, and a steel train at that. It was.

I am sooooo geeky. I watch trains. I like the big diesels with their huuuge V20 engines (Nathan tells me these things cos his old man is a real freaky train geek). I like the way they throb and send infrasonics through the whole area, including me. I like the idea of hopping on a train and
being whisked away to Someplace Else. (I could sit and knit and spin instead of having to pay attention to the road. That is Good. Not so good is that I can't just turn around and go back to that interesting patch of wildflowers or thing I saw by the side of the road or roadkill or whatever).

Confession #2

If I move one of my work shoes in a certain way, it makes a farting sound on the other shoe. This is amusing me. I am easily amused, especially since these vinces do not create bad smells. This is even more amusing than the cover of a glossy magazine making squeaking sounds on my handbag and sending the cats into orbit because they cannot find the mouse!

OK, off to see Hitchhikers...



  1. Oooh you have yarnharlots book!! I want! Its a pain in the BUTT that Aussie booksellers dont have it!

    Ok maybe you should investigate the mystery Smartie/M&M!!

    I wanna go see Hitchhickers!!! Bet its gonna be so funny!! You will have to tell us all.



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