The most boring blog post ever

G'day all!

Today got very very boring. Work was tedious. It isn't usually this tedious. This is a summary of my day at work. Read on, if you dare!

I am sure that time has slowed down a whole lot today.

We are moving desks over this weekend. On Tuesday I have to remember something that I have already forgotten. Ah yes, I have to go to the other end of the floor. That is like a whole 20m away. Dunno how I will cope.

I have been packing stuff for three hours. Dunno how I have that much stuff, but having to pack the rest of the boss' stuff and Marnie's stuff helps a bit. Plus making up labels to whack on everything. Yes, I am making labels for our stuff cos we get six official labels. Six labels
to put on our phone, our computer box, mouse, keyboard, monitor, chair, drawers (I have two sets of drawers - I so lucky!), rubbish bin, recycle bin and allocated three boxes (read at least 4 boxes). Now if something doesn't add up, let me know. My reckoning is that for my computer,
chair and phone alone I need six labels. That eats up my allocated lot. Stuff the bins and the 5 boxes and the drawers. Even without all my crud that I insist on having, like pics and toys and bits n bobs, I still have four boxes of crud that must be kept.

I started typing this 10 minutes ago. As I said, time is c r a w l i n g along at a snail's pace. Maybe it is because I can't wait to get out of work today, go and get a needle stuck in my arm then go home and enjoy a long weekend. Thank you ANZACs for sacrificing yourselves so that your
descendants can have a day off work! Plus me and K want to send a (R)AOK to someone who is having a tough time at present but it is hard to send something to someone when you only have their email so I am busting a gutto email for a snail addy. Can't do it from here cos I won't be about
for three days. Must get home! Only 5 hours 30 to go. Argh.

A bit of work on some systems modules, can't progress until I get feedback from people who know what training is required. I only design and run training for them. I don't need to know what they need in training. HA! That is how it seems to work quite often. I can't work in a vacuum, people! Feedback can't come back until Tuesday cos the people in the know are in a planning day today.

Hooray! Lunch time! I can be released for half an hour. Only half an hour cos if I go longer I have to stay later and I don' wanna stay later. Only 3:15 hours to go at work today.

Boo hiss. Back from lunch and I still am underinspired. Time to nuke a few vegies. 2:45 hours

My phone stinks. I cleaned it with some desk wipe stuff. It smells yucky, almost as bad as if someone had been smoking and then used it. 2:40 hours

Daydreamed a bit, discovered that if my job was made redundant I should get at least 29, maybe even 35 weeks pay. Dreamed a bit longer. Dream on! 2:35 hours.

Found some filing cabinets that probably need to be moved with us cos they seem to have stuff from the previous boss and the current boss in them. Boss is not available to talk to about filing cabinets.

Just discovered a secret stash of red labels on a nearby PA's desk. Hooray! Real sticky labels, not ones that need to be stuck on with crap quality sticky tape! 2:15 hours

You know you are having a very very very slow day when you get excited about finding a secret stash of red labels....

Excitement has worn off.

Just shoved 6 pairs of shoes into the back of my drawers. Found another pair of shoes in there. I am a right imelda marcos at work but at home I have my runners and my sandles. Not even fashionable sandles, just plain sensible brown things. I am a geeky girl, remember. Oh, I have at least two pairs of "good" shoes at home. One pair are ruby red heels. Every girl, even geek girls, needs a pair of ruby red shoes. Two more pairs of shoes at work to find a home for.

Another box is looking good for all the crud on my desk, a bag of wool that I found under it and the shoes. Noone would ever guess that like knitting. 2:00 hours to go!

Hmm, looks like the updates they are doing on our system are being naughty. Symantec antivirus failed to load. That sounds bad. Ah well, not my problem - that is IS's problem. I love it when it is not my problem. They have locked every admin function away from us - we can't even defrag
our own disk or tell the system to always load certain files using whatever program. My favourite is that we can't read windows metafiles, and they are used for clipart. LOL. 1:30 hours

Taped my drawers shut. Discovered various items that belong in the drawers. If I put them into a cavernous box, will I ever see them again? 1:20 hours to go.

Arranged a place for my plant that I inherited from Gibbering to sit for the weekend. 1:10 hours to go.

Started taking down the last pictures stuck around my desk. Discovered more pins-wot-should-be-in-the-taped-up-drawers. Realised I have a lot of crud. Lots of pictures. About 20 soft toys. Things to amuse me when times are tough.

Toot break. Three minutes getting the serrations in the 2 ply dunny paperto match up again. Have I mentioned that I am a real pedant on occasion and these things annoy me? Worse, I had to go into Word and check if serrations has one R or two? Can't have misspelled stuff. Or should
that be mispelled? Or mispelt? Argh. Brain fry. 1:00 hours.

Time for a farewell for a claims assessor. Hmm, only five minutes wasted.

Final pack up of desk proceeds. Pictures, pens, other stationery items like six different coloured stickies pads, CDs ("The Best Singles of All Time, some of which are actually good tracks but easily 50% are dross). Clean stuff that has remains of vegies in it. Very tired of having
microwaved vegies for lunch but we are not getting any left overs. Wow, not packed yet and only 0:30 to go!

0:20 to go. Getting hungry. Again. Time to clean out mug that held the now dead water bamboo (oops - that is what happens when you go away for 10 days and forget to fill its container up with water!). Then clean the desk.

0:10 to go. Desk cleaned. Feeling odd due to fumes from desk cleaning fluids. Yuck.

0:07 to go. Last toot stop for the day at work. Then signout.


and hoo roo to you too!


  1. Helloooo,

    I read your blog and thought id leave u a comment. Do you feel noticed now?
    You must do the same for me though. Read mine and I will read yours. I d like to build a little community from scratch.
    Up for it

  2. I am the same when it comes to toilet paper! lol

    Sounds like you were REALLY looking forward to work ending ;)


  3. Anonymous3:07 am

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