Getting there

G'day all!

Things are coming together!

Tomorrow our cargo leaves.


We have sorted out the money problem.

We have decreased the amount of Stuff in our place but OMG I have a LOT of Stuff to get rid of yet, and clean up before we have to pack the rest of our cargo. I hope I have not packed too much - I don't think so at this stage.


I may have packed too little, just looking around the place! Nathan has to get off his butt and pack his stuff but that means losing his computer. We know how much he wants to pack that away!

Oh dear. It is 20 past one in the morning and we think we have only one box to pack, the box of randomness that takes the last lot of anything that we realise OH CRAP! Forgot that! Forgot to pack that! Oh my, the fridge magnets!

Crap. have to sacrifice my bright rainbow umbrella. Ah well. I can get another one back home...



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