Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funny Christmas photo

G'day all!

I just had to share this most horrid photo of me with you.

(this photo really needs a caption but I've not got much opportunity to run a contest at present - most of my stash is probably still in Oakland and we have to be a little careful with our money at present)

I'm probably spinning a yarn. I hope I am spinning a yarn (telling a story). I may be yelling at my father in law for using the flash on my camera in broad daylight. Just as well the wind didn't change!

Note the ginormous hands. I think I got them from Pop. He was done with them and I needed some, etc etc.



  1. I think you look shocked, like someone has eaten all the mince pies!! And I don't think your hands look giant at all!!

  2. Reacting in horror to something on the table in front of you???

    Happy New Year to you and Nathan - you'll make it through this little blip in life, I'm sure.

  3. LOL dont be so hard on yourself,you look great,even if shocked,was it the wine bottle,maybe someone drank them all!!!


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