Worst FO shots evah!

G'day all!

You know what I said about those socks? That I couldn't finish them?


Ta-dum! That's a shot taken in front of the laptop last night. It is one of the worst FO shots ever. But I don't care! Those pics will do, might have to do forever until I have time to get better ones. Currently I don't have time.

By the time I got the camera to cooperate (ie I remembered to change the colour settings and managed to get the reflections of the lamp out of the clock corner of the screen), it was 23:58PST. But I finished them at 11:56PM, even wove in the ends! Honest!


Yarn: old Vesper self striping, "Fire in the Sky"
Pattern: my own, a chevron pattern, ever popular for self striping yarns, over 78 stitches ont he foot and some ungodly number like 86 on top. Though I didn't count.

These socks kicked my butt last week. Man. They really had me stymied. Last night, having done one of them, the second one? One round I counted out where everything had to go (k4, yo, k4, k2tog,k2, ssk, k4... etc, oh crap I need to knit five between the increases and decreases. OK!) and the next round just worked out fine! I had tried charting it, counting it, everything! But this time around It Just Worked.

Now I have no active knitting projects. I do have a scarfy thing to finish off (not happy with it but that is ok cos it is a gift and will probably be appreciated by the receiver) and Nathan's pullover but that is awaiting me to make more yarn (even though I have enough for the sleeve that is not yet knitted. No I don't know why I'm not knitting it either). I do have a sock project for this month, if I can find it in the mess.

Thanks to those who have been commenting along the way, sorry if I am not greatly responsive (unless you want fleece! Then I *love* you! LOL I need to find homes for my babies). I am stressing out of my nut, though last night's pressure knitting was great - something to get excited about that had a definite end time to it.

Hmm, you know two or three months ago I was wondering if I would miss this place when I went back home. I think I am going to. I have developed a nice little lifestyle here. We have social things we go and do on certain days, a nice routine, downtown is walking distance away and it is a nice downtown (we have two "downtowns" within walking distance at Home but they are not really very nice). I can ride off to various places to do the shopping or get Stuff, or hop on the bus. My fave shopping places at home are more than a bike ride away, though two of the local supermarkets have had significant upgrades and now may be suitable (they were crappy dumpy little holes without much gluten free stuff before - like where other places carried three varieties of a certain brand, they wouldn't carry any!). But they won't carry much organic stuff cos Oz has not hopped on that bandwagon, not like California anyway.

On the other hand, I'll have a garden and cats at home, and old friends and my family. There is an upside to everything!

It will be interesting, integrating back into life at Home.



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