Last FOs for 2009

G'day all!

I finished up some projects overnight and today. It's been good knitting weather - stinking hot (close to 100F/38C with a wind from a furnace) and gosh I admit to enjoying the air conditioning at various places. Good knitting weather, as I said. As long as you have air con. Even without air con you need to do something apart from perish.

You need to see pics of DH's new jumper/sweater.


All handspun (by me!), roughly 1500m of it.


The green was all hand carded by me from some corriedale cross fleece I bought at Black Sheep Gathering back in June. I used a substantial amount of the fleece dyed with Kelp from Landscape dyes in this jumper, blended with some moorit Bond Corriedale, some of the CVM Missy's black fleece, some yellow/green dyed fleece and some orange top. The same orange hand-dyed top that made up the contrast came from oh dear, umm, lady in Wyoming, Sheila, of Sheep Shed Studio?


This is a very well travelled jumper already. It went to Europe in September, back to the US, then to Australia in October, then back to the US in November, and back home again in December. It is now shorter than in its first incarnation and I've created a lining for the neckband - it was already showing signs of gaping due to the sheer weight of the yarn.


I (re)created the scrolling vines pattern from some pics of projects I found on Ravelry, then I reversed it for the second band of pattern. There's 14 repeats in the first band and 10 in the second. And if you look at the chart I used, I changed the in between pattern too from a checkerboard to a zigzag.


I am rather pleased with it and so is DH. He was cold on Christmas Day (there was a nice sea breeze blowing at my brother's place) and found the jumper was right on the money for staying warm.

I've also finished this month's socks from my personal sock club and a scarf. And I finally tied in the ends of the hat I was knitting for my second youngest niece for her birthday, nearly two weeks ago. Ahem!

Now I've started on a hat in a 80% bamboo, 20% wool blend, see how that goes. It feels lovely so far. Tomorrow I can start on a new pair of socks. Hmm, that means picking patterns or just knitting plain socks. I have to show off the new lovely sock yarn Dreamcatcher gave me, along with the newest FOs. Plus I should do a show of all the things I've knitted this year. There's heaps!

Wishing you and yours a fantastic New Year.



  1. Lovely sweater - Nathan looks rather chuffed.

    Hope 2010 is a good year for you x

  2. I love the jumper, it is gorgeous (should I say that about a man's jumper??) But it is. And a labour of love too!!
    It's 104*F here. Weare all melting a la Wizard of Oz!!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours. Even when things are not looking so good, I know you will be able to find lots of things to be glad about!!

  3. That is one beautiful sweater! Glad he got a chance to don it despite the temps. Happy New Year! I am wishing you hope and triumph!

  4. Lynn,

    The jumper is gorgeous. I hope the health issues get resolved (positively!) next year. Happy New Years to you and Nathan.

  5. No air conditioning. No knitting. Reduced to playing Gameboy in front of rather pointless fan. Love the jumper - it was cold on Christmas Day in Traralgon South too, wore winter clothes and could probably have done with a jumper. Enjoy the cooler weather, the rain and as much of 2010 as possible. I am going to get a move on with my AIDS jumpers before the weather warms up again.

  6. Wow love the colours!!I spun and knitted ajumper for my brother years ago and it was very heavy!!When Mum cleaned out his room she found it but the bugs had been and gone!Dont even have a photo of it!!You ve done a brilliant job,the planning and care you took to get the right colours and pattern was exhausting to read about,LOL Well done and Have a great New Year


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