She gone!

G'day all!

Our stuff has gone! Now we just have the detritus of a life lurking around us. It is quite quite amazing how much Stuff we packed into a 750sq ft flat. I am rather good at spatial stuff, if I do say so myself. When it comes to packing a car boot (trunk) I can get a lot more stuff in than Nathan can.

I didn't have a good night's sleep. We were up until after one am last night and I worried worried worried that we had Too Much Stuff (I forgot to take a pic of the mound of boxes...) until nearly 4am. Then I woke up at 7:30 (am!) and the removalists rang at 7:40... I don't think I'll be much good today!

It is sorta sad looking around at all our stuff or what remains of it, the sad bits, the big bits, the stuff that we just plain can't take with us.


Thank you to all those who have helped us dispose of stuff. I hope it brings you joy, happiness and/or peace. Or at least is useful.

So in two days, I have to have the place emptied out. It has to be clean. Tomorrow is The Big Day, where I box up the remaining food (that I can't eat cold or uncooked) and either take it to the food bins at the supermarkets or freecycle it or give it to friends. I have to dispose of the crockery and the mixing bowls and and and... Bathroom stuff must disappear. At least there is only one computer now so DH will not be distracted all the time (that will be my job!).

I would like to get another pair of runners before we leave and Nathan needs new shoes too. I shall take him to one of the el cheapo outlet type shops nearby and see if anything is suitable. I am not sure where they will fit in our luggage, mind you! It is quite difficult trying to get the remains of our lives into two suitcases. I'll be airmailing some stuff back I know. Or we can get another bag and pay $150 for excess luggage. We've already got two bikes to ship back with us (I hope they fit into the boxes!).


So enough blathering. I've decreased the amount of fleece by a lot and only have stuff to flick out and send to myself now. We've still got a hmm-hmm load of stuff to freecycle or get rid of (some promised, but not much!). That is what the recycle dumpster is for - you put stuff by it and people come and take it!



  1. Good luck packing all the final bits and with the travel! It will all work out in the end, one way or another. It amazes how all over the place you guy shave been lately :) You got to see so much.

  2. See you tomorrow...I hope!

  3. Good luck, I hope it all goes exceptionally well and I hope you manage a big nap and/or sleep at some stage.

  4. Hope it goes well.

  5. Good luck! I presume you mean two suitcases each, of is that no longer the , er, case with flying from America? Expect to feel discombobulated for some time to come :)


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