Knitting redux 2009

G'day all!

Happy New Year! Happy New decade!

I thought last year was a fairly fertile knitting year but it appears I knitted no more items than the year before, according to Flickr. 39 in 2008, 39 in 2009.

However, there are four or five items for which I have no photos. So that makes 43 or 44 FOs. Admittedly some of those items were, for example, two pairs of fingerless mitts for children but I think a pullover for Nathan well and truly balances that ;-)


I've already started on this year's knitting. I'm knitting a hat in some yarn that is new to me - Sirdar's baby bamboo. I thought this might be a good yarn for chemo hats but it feels vaguely prickly against my wrist and neck. It might settle with a wash. Ah well, I'll find out sooner or later I guess!

The weather has been totally amazing here over the last 24 hours or so. A big change blew through at around 9pm, bringing a fantastic natural light show and a dumping of rain. 25mm (an inch) at our current residence, 40mm at the PiL's. It's been an odd, dull sort of day today finished off with another amazing thunderstorm. I've been trying to get some of the flashes on my camera but no dice, not even with a 10s exposure. (I am so peeved that Canon has taken away the manual exposure controls on pretty much all of its point and shoot digital cameras. When ours breaks properly - the battery door doesn't shut properly now - I won't have another to replace it with.) This evening, there's been lightning forks covering a good eighth of the sky. Totally wow! I reckon there's been lightning every two minutes, sometimes more often and a number of the flashes have triggered a chain reaction across half the sky.

Makes one glad to be alive :-)



  1. Nice to see your face peeping out of the mosaic.
    No rain here, not even a tiny spot or a thunder rumble. It's too hot to knit!! I saw all the mainland rain on the ABC news: wow!!!
    I think the jumper definitely balances everything out!!

  2. Hasn't the lightning been amazing?? We were saying last night that we can't remember when we last had lightning storms like that two nights in a row. The kids thought it was great that on New years Eve despite not going to the fireworks they got to see "fireworks" that everybody could see without having to leave their friends at home! The jumper is beautiful a realwork of art. Wonderful to have weather appropriate for wearing it in too!

  3. What a great year you've had knitting. Here's to a great 2010.

  4. I used a Lincraft mixture of cotton and bamboo (or maybe acrylic and bamboo?) in about an 8ply to make a chemo cap a few months ago. It was wonderfully squishy and soft. I have become super sensitive to yarn over the last twelve months and if it doesn't tickle me, it won't tickle anyone else! The bugger is that I can barely wear anything with wool in it at all now. Lovely knitting. I think Nathan's jumper MOST DEFINITELY cancels out a myriad of small projects.


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