Flying out the door

G'day all!

My heart is a little heavy this morning. Our stuff is flying out the door. I'm freecycling stuff. So far this week, I've given away about $300 of stuff. I hate giving away good stuff but I hate throwing it out more.

I have no idea why I am attached to my stuff.

Some of it, actually pretty much all of the stuff that has gone so far, came home either on the back of my bike or in the bike trailer. Maybe that is why I am attached to it.

The cherry red round Black and Decker electric kettle was very popular. Lots of people wanted it even though one of the windows leaks sometimes and not others. I'm pretty sure I bought that kettle in Target up in the "market" area of San Jose (it isn't a market any longer). It came home on the bike - the box just fits in a shopping pannier.

(Grand Teton NP)

The silicone gloves - no attachment to them! I hooked them out of the dumpster, along with a plastic fishtank set. Both of those were extremely popular.

The box fan that came home I think in the bike trainer. Maybe on the back of Nathan's bike. The little fan that I brought home. VOOM! Gone!

Someone even came and took away all the African Violets and other gesneriads yesterday. The house seems so bare without my poor neglected babies. (We were away two weeks longer than the water supply so they looked pretty ratty but all bar two perked up very well.) (The house isn't really empty at all - really not empty at all just piles of stuff everywhere.)

Anyway, all the disruption means it is real, that we are going.

I think I will have to teach Nathan how to flick fleece. He is bored, has nothing to do. I am running around like a hairy goat working out which parts of fleeces I can keep, which ones have to go. At least the yarn is sorted now.

Oh and after TWO and a half YEARS in the US, I think I finally scored myself some Sundara yarn last night. Amazing, eh?

(Happier times in the Grand Teton NP)

It isn't that I am not happy with going Home, I just don't like leaving places. Especially when I have to do a hmm-hmm load of work to get us out the door. I'm settled here, now I have to unsettle myself and move back Home. Home is lovely. There's much to commend it. Here has been lovely too - right now fall colours all around, brilliantly clear days (except last Friday which was a fantastic Spring day in Melbourne - driving rain one minute, sun shining the next, rinse, repeat), crisp temps (only fridge temp outside currently)....

Ah well. What is done is done. And we are almost all done here. Only the last packing and de-stuffing and goodbyes to go. And running around screaming getting stuff onto a boat.




  1. Someone told me when I moved to the USA that I was never going to be totally happy living anywhere again...his theory was that I would love living in California but would never be truly at home here. I think he was right - we talk endlessly about going 'home' but I don't want to leave CA.

    I think this is the same emotion that you are going through - but I also think once you are home you will love to be back, and after all, you can always come to the USA on vacation!

    The hardest part is the moving as you know! Good luck with all the packing, I don't envy you that for sure!

  2. I think Alison is so right, it is the thought of all that moving entails that is putting you off. Of course you will miss the US, but home is home I say. I hope all the moving goes well and that you get some help(!!!) and that you have a little time to enjoy your present home before you leave.

  3. Hey Lynne, sorry I couldn't be there tonight for de-stash help. I'm interested in knowing about any fleeces that are left.. maybe for me, maybe for the one of the other spinners. If you make a list, let me know.

    If there's anything I can do to help, let me know!

  4. Awww, hugs Lynne. I sent an email yesterday but just in case it got lost, I have boxes if you need 'em.


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