Still flakey

G'day all!

We are still on pretty flakey ground with the DSL (though we are told that it will be fixed by close of business tomorrow). I've got a heap of pics to upload but our link keeps dying and sometimes revives again by itself but mostly we have to perform artificial resuscitation on the router... Also I am not sure that we have a big dataplan - I might have to hie me around to the PiLs and upload stuff from there (they definitely have a big limit cos hello, BiL plays online games...). Hey, speaking of BiL, did I mention that I am going to have a new SiL? BiL proposed to his girl a few weeks ago. No longer will I have a SiS (sister in sin), nope she will be a SiL!

Not much is happening here. Yesterday was deucedly hot - 100F on the old scale, today it is 11C at the moment after a cold change and lots of rain blew through. Ah Melbourne, how I love your weather.


Tomorrow I have to go have some medical tests. I am hoping that it isn't bad news but well I gotta do the tests first. If it is? Well Merry Christmas to you too and we'll deal with it as it comes (along with a lot of running around in circles and panicking). And I am on antibiotics for the cough I have - the doc said I needed them to clear the infection that is stopping me from breathing easily. (Getting puffed just walking quickly up a ramp at the railway station? Like really!) I am already breathing more easily and also my sinuses are clearing. Hooray!

I've been knitting frantically on Nathan's pullover. I promised him one for Christmas last year but couldn't find the dyes for the yarn I bought. This year I've dyed and spun some yarn for it - yep, a whole large man-size pullover. Alas I keep stuffing up the sleeves and not increasing often enough. I am vaguely following a pattern and it is quite clear that I am vaguely, not precisely, following it. Otherwise I would have finished both the sleeves rather than ripping them back (three times). Fourth time's a charm? At least I've finished the body. It awaits its arms and the yoke. I only have a week to finish it. If I had not kept stuffing up the sleeves I would be well onto the fair isle part by now.


Just over a week to Christmas! How on earth did that happen? I am sorry that I have not had the opportunity to send cards and presents to various of you out there. I hope that you forgive me! And I've missed a couple of birthdays too.

And it is almost a week since we left the US. I miss some parts of it, I certainly miss having my own space though it is nice hanging with M. It is good to be home, minus certain stressors. Christmas with family, seeing friends (sooner or later I'll catch up with more of them). We are planning what we want to do with our house - I might even start blogging on my house blog since I may well have things to talk about on it. The Modest Manor will rise again!

Pics are from Lake June (and surrounds) in the Sierra Nevada near Mammoth Lake and Mono Lake. I wish I had seen this place in midsummer! It was gorgeous in early spring.



  1. It's been hot here and now it's cold too. I hope you are well, I hope you score extremely well on all your tests. Bah Humbug to horrid health I say. Unbah Humbug to settling into your house!!
    Oh I know the vague following a pattern trap: I did that and took 3 1/2 years to finish a cardigan. You are doing fairisle as well???!!!
    Good luck!!!

  2. Hope it goes ok at the doctor. I'll be thinking of you x

  3. Sounds like you're settling in. Will hold a good thought that all the tests go well Friday and that you are soon feeling right as rain...speaking of which -- RAIN in the Southern Highlands...hooray!

  4. Oh I'm sorry to hear you have to do medical thingys. I hope all goes well. And I sympathize on the sweater sleeves. I am on my 7th redo of the bind off on a pair of socks for my hubby and if this time isn't the charm I think I might very well be sorely tempted to throw them away....

  5. I hope all goes well with the doctor. I'll have my fingers crossed for you! Looks like you're settling in nicely.

    I got your package in the mail today. Thank you so much for the yummy fiber (cormo, yes?) and the lovely books. The kids are fighting over them now.

    Happy Holidays and the very best to you!

  6. Wow Ive just realised how behind I am on reading up on your adventures!!!
    You're Home??
    I havent done much,I mean nothing on my blog for months,got disillusioned and sunk into Ravelry
    Hope you have agreat Xmas though and resettling back into Melbourne life is non stressful!!

  7. PS Thinking of you with the medicos tests!!Just done something similiar!!


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