G'day all!

Sorry for the radio silence but our net connection is a bit flakey (hardly worked at all for the first couple of days, now is working and I'm taking advantage of it!).

We are Home! Hooray for Home! We are staying with a friend who lives 5 minutes' walk away from our place, which of course is still occupied by our house sitters.

This trip's handy hint for travellers is: make sure you have enough time to make the transfer between planes, especially when transferring between an internal/domestic flight to an international flight on a different airline. We didn't book our tickets - they were booked for us and we had a scant two hours layover at LAX. That is not enough time to transfer between terminals and get into the international flight. We have brickbats and kudos for Southwest - brickbats for their excess luggage charges ($50 per overweight bag, $50 per bike, $200 charge all up, yikes!) and kudos for them getting us on an earlier flight which meant we did not miss our Qantas flight back home. If we had taken the original flight, which was running 45 minutes late due to bad weather, we would have arrived an hour before our plane was due to take off. But Southwest pushed us onto a plane that was a full two hours earlier and we had plenty of time.

No pics today, not that I don't have any to share but this laptop now has two people jockeying for turns on it, when the net works, and I've not had a chance to edit or upload any. So later!



  1. Welcome back!! That airport thing is worthy of one of those TV shows!! Glad they were helpful and everything worked out!!

  2. Glad to hear you made it safely.

  3. Home for Christmas, hooray! Glad you made your connection. Bet your family are happy to see you both!

  4. Glad you are back safely

  5. Welcome back, Lynne. You won't know yourself when you finally get settled!

  6. Welcome back! May your holidays be fun, your belongings arrive safely, and any job hunting be a breeze.

  7. Welcome back. Will probably see you around a little more!


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