Tawny frogmouths

G'day all!

Starting to get over the initial shock of my new diagnosis and status. Now I have to wait for the next step in January. Thank you all for the encouraging words. I hope I can, ahem, live up to your expectations :-)

But much more exciting this evening was this:


taken on my PiL's balcony. That is a tawny frogmouth. They are not at all endangered (they seem to have worked out how to live with humans and their cities) but it is still lovely to see them.

We only went looking cos they seemed to be saying 'hip hip HOORAY!' which seemed a little odd quite frankly. MiL thought they would be possums (proper possums not this opossum stuff that is quite frankly a little scary - I rode past a dead, bloated up one once and it was about as big as a medium sized dog!) having an argument. No, instead it was three tawny frogmouths. Two were flying around together and a third was trailing along. They looked like gargoyles on the roof nextdoor. They were all talking to each other, making an odd groaning noise (which sounded like hip hip horray to me 8-). We think mum and dad are throwing junior out of the nest. No more free dinners for you mate! You gotta go find your own!


Horrible shot but see the amber eye?

I bought myself a teddy bear today - I decided I needed a Special Friend with soft fluffy fur to help me through the bad patches. I used to have MyLion but I think he had an accident when he was in the garage with the other soft toys and the rats moved in.... MyLion had the best tail evah! It was perfect for rubbing up and down in your hand. Suggestive as well! This morning I had to hang onto my travel pillow and interesting as it is to feel (lycra one side, short plush fur on the other side and teensy polystyrene beads on the inside), it just doesn't cut it for friendliness. (Maybe I should put eyes and a face on it?) So a teddy bear it is. And he only cost $3 from the Reject Shop! (I would've accepted a whole range of critters but none of them spoke to me until I saw this bear.)



  1. Oh lovely Tawnyfrogmouths, and they have spooky eyes. We saw a wombat the other morning, rarely see those, wallabies abound (tee hee)
    Glad you have a friend to comfort you. My sister threw my Sooty down the toilet when I was small. He was never the same again....

  2. Glad you have a ted to comfort you. Will be thinking of you x

  3. Everyone needs someone to hug when times are tough. Glad you have a new friend to fit the bill. Enjoy Christmas tomorrow, wishing you all the best of the season.

  4. Dang Lynne --- I checked your blog expecting to hear all about your home coming and settling in and not the tough news about your health. What a bummer. It will be tough. I have a co-worker who is going through similar problems and has just finished her chemo in November. Wish I could offer more in the way of support --- - I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. I may even invoke he help of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to send some noodley assistance. FSM is such a miracle worker -- just you wait and you'll see what I mean!
    Keep blogging Lynne---and keep knitting. My friend is not a knitter but she found that sewing and other craft work helped her through the days when her nausea was pretty bad.
    On a lighter note -- I love visiting my sister - she lives in Glen Iris and every morning I wake up to the sound of Honey Eaters -- a harsh kind of cry but still very Australian. And when I visit my brother in Finley NSW I wake up to the sound of kookaburras or galahs or the warbling of Magpies --- I just drink in those sounds. I'll be visiting in February -- my mother turns 90 --- can't wait to get home again.
    Cathy (jum8uck on Ravelry)

  5. Dear Lynne, I've been such a terrible blogger over the past year or so. I am sending every good wish for a better new year for you -- I'm so sorry to hear your health news. Hugs to you!


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