Certainty at last

G'day all!

Well we have tickets back to Oz. Dangit, if we had chosen the 9th, we'd be on another A380. Yes, they are better than jumbos. More space, less noise, higher cabin pressure. That adds up to less jetlag. But we are still leaving on a jet plane (don't know when we'll be back again).

The cargo is booked in to be taken away on the 8th, I hope. I sent the form and the credit card off yesterday. I've just sent off an email to make sure it was received - I hate not getting any form of acknowledgement on these sorts of things. OK, it's acknowledged.

I have soooo many things to fix up.

And today I am going for a drive before I sell the car tomorrow. I need to get out of the house before the last round of packing frenzy hits and the freecyclers start coming through the revolving door. I need to go say goodbye to some places, have one last drive on that crazy end of Skyline Boulevard, the little narrow windy unsealed bit that clings to the side of the hill.

We've also run out of money. Everyone wants us to pay them before we leave. The $4000 to break the lease is the real killer but $1900 to move our crap home, paid up front, is also hurting. Especially since Nathan's old work owes us over a thousand for various things we paid for on that work trip back in September and also visa stuff.

A lot of little things are killers at present. Even things like stuff I've ordered online has only just shipped yesterday or today, even though I ordered them over a week ago. Except the Knitpicks, which arrived three days after I placed my order. The MOO cards were due to be shipped on Monday and only shipped today. I ordered them so I could give them to friends here before we left. Now they will hardly arrive before we leave.

Whilst I think of it, does anyone want a copy of CEY's "Make it Modern" for $10 or a copy of "Knitting in the Sun" for $15? Cos someone known as me managed to buy TWO of each of them. And I can't return them cos I bought them from local LYSs which have a non-return on books policy.

Did I ever show you guys my current quilt top? I am only a month or two behind everyone else in the quiltalong (travel and moving will do that to a person).


This one is going straight to the pool room! I am trying to figure out whether to mail it back or take it home in the luggage. I am just a bit worried about how much luggage I will end up with. We have to take the bikes home on the plane too. That will cost us a bit but better than not having transport for weeks...

Time to quit fussing and go for a drive.



  1. Enjoy your last drive. I think lastness brings everything into focus and makes your experience sharper.
    Nice quilt top, very nice and wonky kind of log cabins???
    Bah humbug about the plane and the money!!

  2. chocolatetrudi6:14 pm

    Love that quilt! The usual quilting stuff doesn't appeal to me, but that one really does.

    Hope everything sorts itself out before you catch that plane. I'm like you in that I worry if there's no acknowledgement of payment. Especially as I've had a few bank transfers that didn't go through recently.

  3. Ummm - $4K sounds like a lot of money. Don't they still have your deposit, too? Might want to give someone in the city a jingle about it - must be something that can be done. (Or you can just jump ship and leave no forwarding address.)

    Most I can see as reasonable would be paying for 30 days from the time you gave notice, under these circumstances.

  4. Thinking of you. You're almost there and soon you'll be back 'ome. I'm sure you'll be going back again. Enjoy your last drive.

  5. That quilt is definitely Pool Room Worthy.
    Fascinating info about the jumbo jets -- who knew? Not me that's for sure. I am planning a trip back home in early February --- I'll have to be sure to book on the right plane. Any other fascinating travel tips to share?
    My American son is planning to come too but we just checked and his US passport expired in August of this year --- need to get on the ball and get that puppy renewed.


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