G'day all!

I didn't wear a jacket for part of today. Didn't last long but four hours of being decently warm was fantastic!

Alas, pretty much all of this next week will be freezing. 15C! Dangit, it isn't even going to bucket rain on us, just a few "isolated showers" which in my past experience (that is what experience is, eh? Past!) means one pathetic dribble from the sky and a bit of posing as rain clouds from useless fluffy things, all talk no action/rain.

Just as I've almost gotten to the short row heels on my Inside Out socks (hooray! Another pair of socks coming my way - I'll need them!) and I've picked up the Beaumont (Jared Flood) tam I started making in France or someplace like that. Yes, I dragged my brand new copy of "made in Brooklyn" all around Europe. And across to Oz. It is my fave knitting book at present. It is showing signs of wear too, unlike most of my books which tend to stay in pristine condition if I can help it. Anyway, a new tam will be very welcome too.

I need to raid my old stash to knit more gear for me! I brought two berets and a pair of hand warmers, Nathan is whining that he is cold (possibly because I washed his stuff but he forgot to hang it out and he had no jackets or jumpers to wear). I have no pics at present cos I have to find the camera to download them and edit them and it is nearly 11pm and time for bed.

Given I've knitted about 8cm on the inside out socks today, bringing them to 16cm or so long in the foot, and I need ?28cm long socks, how long do you think it will take for me to finish the things? I'm hoping I can have them done by say Wednesday, so that I have three pairs of nice woolly socks to wear. Hopefully I'll be able to raid my stash this week and see if there is anything nice to knit up quick and woolly wise in it. I know I have a lovely lurid set of Colinette Point 5 in it.

Time for bed! The wall computer here just announced "It is 23 hours."



  1. Melbourne is great like that!!

  2. Ooh fab :) Knitting weather!!


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