Home sweet home

G'day all!

I am rather delayed in saying We Are Home!

We are staying at Nathan's parents' place. It is very nice to be back in Oz, with familiar stuff. We went and saw our house this morning. The garden is impressively green (alas with plenty of weeds as well). Nutmeg came and talked to us immediately, though I am not totally sure she recognised us but I did get some headbutts on my hand. Cheshire ran away, scaredy cat! *He* later on came and looked at me a LOT and then said "Oh, I think I know you. You may pat me now."

I have to be careful not to get run over. We drive on the left, not the right and I've obviously adjusted rather well to the American way. Still if I drive here (which I will) I am sure I will readjust.

I am delighted by Australian money. When I look in my wallet, I know exactly how much I have in there - the money is colour coded, like in pretty much any country in the world. Except the one I've been living in, where you can think you have HEAPs of money and then you realise you have seventeen $1 bills. But I do admit the 20c pieces now look enormous. Ahem.

Have I done ANY knitting recently?


Only about 80 stitches on Nathan's pullover. That is IT!

No wonder I am feeling discombobulated. No knitting, jetlagged....

Oh, I'm going PINK for October! Yes, October is breast cancer awareness month, and given that my aunt died of breast cancer, my MiL is an 8 year survivor and one of my good mates in SJ is having breast cancer treatment... well I just have to be in! I love pink - I'm wearing it right now! I'm off to change my blog colours, so any pics I have will just have to wait :-)



  1. Welcome Back!!!!! You've changed your 'About Me' too, mind you it could have happened a while ago!!
    I am so glad that you are getting some Kitten Recognition!!
    I like our colour coded money too, and our coins are really weirdly ordered for size.
    Stay on the correct side of the road, I don't want any tiny bumps!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are back home safely. :)


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