Happy Halloween and radio silence

G'day all!

Hope that that love it are having fun on Halloween.

Me? Very quiet. A night of wrangling websites - we actually wrangled the US govt websites into submission. We have a visa appt for the end of the week. Alas the Qantas site has wrangled me into submission - obviously the gremlins have gotten into it and I have HAD ENOUGH! Six times I've submitted my change request and six times it has rejected it. Egads I am peeved! I've had to call Qantas three times - once they said it will work, once the mobile played up, now hopefully I have someone competent.


Also, my laptop is dying and I have to use Nathan's laptop to do stuff, only it doesn't have me set up properly, none of my bookmarks/files/etc are on it and O.M.G. I am so over the trackpad! I keep brushing it and it keeps moving to a different part of the screen or a different screen completely. That is sooo annoying! Or I leave the pointer on a link and off we go! yay! Sometimes I'm not sure I know where we are going but we go someplace I didn't expect. Wheee!


Hooray, competent Sonya has booked us onto another flight (via Sydney but we go on an A380! possibly), I've coughed up some dough and we now go back on the 17th of November. Assuming the visas arrive. 8-D

I have lovely new socks to show off but my laptop keeps eating pictures every time I start editing them - it is overheating for an unknown reason. We took it apart yesterday and cleaned out some fluff and apart from that nothing was obviously wrong. I think something has flexed in it and now some vital contact peels away when it gets hot and piiiiiuuuuuw! it powers down. So the lovely new socks will have to wait for their bloggy day in the sun.

Apart from the website wrangling and dying laptop, we have had a lovely day at my brother's place, the nearby beach and a fantastic plant nursery (Phil Vaughan's native plants - he has *such* wonderful Aussie natives, mostly stuff from WA). His garden is tres tres tres bon indeed and he is selling it! Oh if only we could win Tatts (the lottery) and buy it!

Must go to bed instead of rambling. If you haven't heard from me recently, it is because of my sick laptop. I don't have any bookmarks on Nathan's laptop and I have to remember what your blog is called, which seems to be hard for me - I have to google them! None of this click on a link thing, no. I guess I am just lazy!



  1. Criminy - glad you were able to book your tickets. Hope the visa interview goes ok.


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