G'day all!

My goodness, it is fab to be back Home!

I just had a lovely day wandering around the Melbourne CBD (and a little beyond). My city. A city where I know the rules, I understand them instinctively. I was brought up here. I said hello to the Yarra (River) and then headed through town to Cleg's, Lincraft, Morris and Sons... I went to my guild (typed that guilt ... ahem!) and headed straight to the fleece room. Umm the fleece room was a little infested (!!!!! I nearly had a heart attack on the spot - I've never seen moths before, not these sort of moths, and in the Holy Blessed Wool Room! At least now I know what to look for), so I spent an hour tying bags of fleece up and now they have to be either treated or watched closely. But I still bought a bee-yoo-tee-ful Andyle fleece that showed no signs of infestation and will stick it in the sun tomorrow and thence in a freezer and back into the sun. I went to a craft fair (not worth $15 to be allowed to see 100 vendors IMO). I stopped at one of my favourite supermarkets (they have just finished an upgrade and it is ALL DIFFERENT! But I'm not the only confused person) and got my favourite OVEN FRIES! Pomme frites! (Oh chippies how I have missed you - I have to cut up potatoes and bake them and that is rather hit and miss cos I forget to get them out of the oven or forget to turn it off etc etc and they are baked not fried.) I caught three different trains, two trams all on the one ticket and for less than $10 (I thought I'd be up for at least $12-15 - no wonder Melbourne's trains are so crowded! It is much cheaper to take the train than drive and find a car park). Now, everyone else is off having coffee and cake but I reckon you can guess how much I would enjoy that! (About as much as I enjoyed watching them all eat tea at a local eatery first... but catching up with family friends is good.)

Anyway, the cat was delighted to see me. Weow! Wowww. Woeeew! Purr purr purr, smoodge, begging at his food bowl one paw raised (that is so cute! He was trained pretty quickly in that - you know the cat kneading paw with toes extended? He does that to beg with his paw raised).

I've been home for half an hour and I have not fed him. It is not my job to feed him. The assigned person is not here to feed him and he doesn't get fed yet anyway.

He is now sitting with his back pointedly towards me (and his front at the front door, hoping the hand that feeds arrives soon). The purring has stopped.

On a different topic, for locals, isn't Morris and Sons nice? I bought a solitary ball of their laceweight merino in a dark teal. 700m in 50g. That is a shawl in one $11 ball of yarn! I saw them at the craft fair as well.

I admit to being shocked by the price of quilting material. In the US, it is $7-11 a yard. Here if you find stuff that is under $20 a metre you are doing well! Same in Europe (only in Euros). That extra 7 or so centimetres of fabric seem to make a helluva difference in price! I am now coveting my US stash (and will go through the material I have stored here - one A3 sized storage box. I already knew books are much cheaper in the US too but the difference in material prices was oh-my-sainted-aunt time. Nearly had the vapours! When we leave the US, if I am still quilting, I will not be getting rid of my quilting stash! I'd get rid of most of the yarn stash first.... and that is saying something! But yarn seems to be fairly constant in price everywhere I've been (not sock yarn but general knitting yarn for garments) whilst fabric is ai-ai-ai!

Enough randomness. Hopefully my pie and chippies are nearly heated. I have not had a pie in over two years (meat pie, Aussie pie, yummy pie for special treats). I hope it is good!



  1. Hi Lynn
    You are making me homesick for Melbourne. I love Melbourne too but I've been over here in San Jose for 25 years and I once stayed away for 7 years without a return visit --- when I got back home -- parts of the city were so new that I was disoriented for days. But still the neighborhoods haven't changed all that much --- still the same fruit shops and butcher shops and bread shops and the coffee shops are just sooo nice compared to US. And I love heading off to the CBD to explore all the changes since I left all those years ago.
    Next time I go I will have to pick your brain about places to go for yarn.
    Enjoy your stay.

    (Jum8uck on Ravelry)

  2. Homemade oven chips: I always cut up the chips or wedges and then I lightly whisk and egg white with some salt, pepper and maybe some paprika or whatever spice you like and then coat the chips in this and then cook them.
    Fabric: I KNOW it is so expensive here. Pack your whole case with fabric!!
    I hope your pie is good too!!

  3. Those chips sound good!!


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