Waah! with added pictures

G'day all!

The forecast is no better today but this is Melbourne, it is spring and heck we need all the rain we can get. It hasn't really rained since we got here... and the forecast is just nasty not rainy.

So here are the Inside Out socks
(ooh, they are biassing! Look at them twisting. I guess that is the result of the overspun yarn.)

and the Beaumont tam, as they were last night.
I am very pleased with the way the two handspuns are coming up on the tam, particularly given one is a sportweight/5 ply and the other no more than fingering/3-4ply and often drops to laceweight.

I've been into town twice now ($3.10 Sunday Saver tickets - what a bargain! $3.10 to go anywhere on the Melbourne train, tram and bus system). I went to the Arts centre market yesterday and then popped in to the SnB in South Yarra (normally held at the Wool Baa) and caught up with some peoples.

And yesterday I discovered the sepia/my colours function on our camera. Yes the camera is now almost a year old, has taken over 30,000 pics and is on the way to being busted, and I've only just found this function. So here's a pretty bad pic of the Yarra in sepia from the train bridge at Heyington. (The blurry thing in the middle is a pole.)


Compare it with the pic I took on Friday from just a little further along the same bridge:

I love the way the sepia pic automatically looks old fashioned. I took some others, not yet gimped, and even with modern cars and signage, they still look ye-olde-times.

Today we will go in to Monash Uni on the bus. LB has gone in by car, FiL has gone in on his bike and we will use the bus. That means we are using three of the four ways to get to Monash (the fourth of course being Shank's Pony). I have lots of knitting to do. I have 2cm to go on the socks before I do the heel. I have half the tam to do and gosh I hope I have enough of the contrast yarn to finish it! The tam feels lovely - so soft and squishy! Mmmm, roll around on the tam on the nicely vacuumed carpet (poor vacuum cleaner had the world's biggest hairball blocking its tube but now? It sucks like a Dyson should!).



  1. Nice socks, but which Inside out ones are they. I have missed this vital information. Nice tam o'shanter!! It has been warm here but the clouds are coming over and it is getting dull and we have rain for the whole week I think. I would rather have rain then wind though.

  2. I think we need photos of you rolling around the carpet with your tam on. Socks look fab :)


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