Hooston, we have another problem

G'day all!

Today I went and did more weeding. I'm still picking rose thorns out of my arms and scalp! Ouch! Anyway, the magic cat came and said hello without running from me

(That's Cheshire, the tranny cat.)
and Nutmeg seems to remember me (!!!) cos she does the things she used to do with me, like hopping on her back legs and headbutting my hand. She was out yesterday but today she was locked in, so she made appearances on the loungeroom couch and mewled at me.

And here's a shot of a tree scaevola and a rose (Scentimental) from our slightly less weedy garden

On the way home (I drove Rufus - first time I've driven a manual in years and gosh it was fun once I worked out that the clutch goes ALL the way out before taking!), I had to go back to pick up the stuff that I had taken the car for - my drum carder. It is a cm too high for my wheely bag. So I went back and grabbed that, and then drove off again, only to find Nathan walking along the street, so I had to turn around again.... Third time's a charm!

We stopped at Scroaties (Spotlight, Oz's answer to Joann's) in Sandown Park on the way home. Nathan found some lycra to make bike shorts out of and I found:

a bag of Magicline!

Look at the price!!!! A dollar a ball for magicline? Holy guacamole, come to mama! I've been eyeballing this yarn for umm 5 or 6 years and at $6-7 a ball, I've passed it over. But now?

Well of course it came home with me... They had a really nice crocheted top kit too but it was in all the colours I don't like, well I don't like on me - I'm not an orange and yellow sorta person. If it had been in the sunsetty colours, I would've considered it but it was all orange and yellow.

I would like to say that the closeup shot of the pack I bought is artfully blurry but it really is just blurry.

Now if you want a bag of Magicline, I suggest that Australians check out their local Scroaties and peoples overseas drop me an email specifying colour. I have paypal. Note that postage will probably more than double the price in AUD (I'm guessing postage will be in the order of AUD12-15) but that is still pretty darned cheap!



  1. zomg magicline so cheap? which spotties were you at?

  2. I bought that colour of Magicline too!!! I am glad Nutmeg remembers, animals do. My old dogs remembered people who used to visit once a year or so. They did happy welcoming barks and let them in!!


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