PSC October

G'day all!

In all the frenetic quilting I am doing at the moment, I thought I should pull a Personal Sock Club parcel. I haven't done a PSC since July and the big bag

is sitting waiting patiently, with only four PSC packages to go!

Well now it is three to go and

has to be cast on. I have to make sure I take bamboo needles for the flight cos they get really snippy in Oz about knitting on the plane. Bamboo should be less of a problem, though I will not risk it when I go through security in Oz! My needles! My knitting! I'll pack some extra needles in the checked luggage. I should also find some stuff for hand knitting or finger knitting - I remember getting a lovely parcel of some Colinette Point5 whilst we were in Oz. It is still awaiting me so maybe it will be perfect! It is quite chunky and would be good for knitting on my fingers. Hmm, must check things out. We have long flights - they didn't say until the tickets were paid for that we have a stopover in Auckland (NZ) on the way through, just like we used to before the extended range 747s. At least we don't have to stop in Hawaii as well. The idea of 18 hours of flying/airports with no knitting is quite horrifying - all that wasted time! All that twitching wishing my hands were busy. I could knit 3/4 of a shawl (again) in that time.

So tomorrow night we fly out of SJ, to LAX thence AUK and finally MEL. Hooray! I am starting to get a little excited about it now. I've been too jetlagged and either coldy or awful hayfever to get excited. It will be good* to catch up with family and friends and see how my city has changed in the last two years.

(*note the Australian understatement)



  1. Anonymous12:41 am

    FWIW I flew out of and into Australia with V-Australia and had no problems with my 2mm bamboo needles. Forgetting that I couldn't take 500ml of jelly/jam out of the US as hand luggage was an issue though :-).

    Flying NSW to Qld though I was silly enough to ask the desk at check in and they said no.

    Not asking internationally, internally in the US and internally in Australia I was fine each time.

    Hope you have fun.

  2. Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca)2:49 am

    Say hello to Oz for me! Hope you have a great time! Robyn

  3. I haven't caught up with the end of your trip, I'll have to go back and catch up. Oh coming home!! How exciting!!! There's no place like home!! Needles of any kind are a big no no. They have been confiscating them here at our Lilliputian airports willynilly. Nice PSC socks too!!! Have a great flight!!

  4. Have a safe flight home, enjoy yourself!

  5. Have a safe journey!


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