Stash enhancement

G'day all!

I've been doing a little stash enhancement recently.

Mmm, Wondoflex.... They carry Touch Yarns (NZ, luscious stuff!). I closely eyeballed the possum wool but decided I would be "good" and only buy some of the 4 ply wool in a lovely greeny pastelly lotsa colours, like I am wont to pick up.


Mmmm, this is soft as soft can be. Lovely merino softly spun. Colour 208. I've already wound this into a ball and cast on a faroese shawlette (btw if anyone can tell me how to say faroese, I'd be grateful. Apparently the a is said like a German long o, which doesn't help ME much at all, what with my mad German skilz). So far I've gotten past the shoulder shaping and am putting some pattern into the body of it. I have Ideas that I will have it finished in time for Nathan's Grandma's party at the end of the week.

Then there is some Grignasco "Ice Cream," though the labels look rather like these were samples rather than production yarn. It reminded me of the Country Spun that I made my first pullover from - similar colours and a thick and thin yarn.


Last from Wondo's is some Paton's Wool Tweed DK in a grey base with green and blue running through it (the tweed). The way the colour runs through the grey is weird - it is not the normal ply, it is wound through the other plies.

I bought three balls of it and today cast on a simple scarf using the seafoam stitch pattern. Details on Ravelry but no pics cos someone is a duffer. It reminds me of Port Phillip (the bay that Melbourne sits on) in a storm, when the water is grey and green and has glints of colour.

It turns out that Morris & Sons (formerly Tapestrycraft) is having their biannual sale, so I popped in there after going to the SnB at Observatory cafe by the Bot Gardens in Melbourne yesterday.

So I brought a new ball of laceweight in white

to match the dark teal blue I bought a couple of Fridays ago.

And some 4ply in Irises

and a WHOLE bag of Totem (a *wonderful* crepe yarn) in a pretty pale eggshell blue.

Look how fine the laceweight is - 700m in a 50g ball!

So of the new stash, I am using two lots already, along with some stash I bought at Bobbin's Nest before we came here (*blush*). I am dying to start knitting a lace shawl with either of the white or the dark teal, probably the dark teal cos it won't show grot at all. But really? I have a pair of socks, a pullover, faroese shawl and scarf on the go, along with some spindle spinning. There's only so much I can knit at the one time!



  1. My best guess is "fah-row-ease".

    Let me know if I've got it wrong as well.

    How much longer are you here?

  2. I agree - I've always heard it as fair-row-ease...(with US accent, of course)

    Know you are having fun...but miss having you about.


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