Shrugwatch fail, graduation win!

G'day all!

What a lovely night we had last night. The shrug is not yet done. Whatever. Life got in the way of finishing it.

Nathan got to wear the silly bonnet (the style of which dates back to Tudor times) and his great grandfather's Cambridge gown.

Some of us celebrated with champagne or wine (proud parents. John read out the names of the graduates, and bear hugged Nathan after reading out his name and the description of his PhD. Even the crabby old staff bearer cracked a grin.)

but Nathan celebrated with a beer.

There are four generations of Dr H now, though only three are living.


I was rather pleased :-) (And yes, I can wear the silly bonnet too cos I also have a PhD.)

We have ordered the DVD of the ceremony. All that work for this moment. Golly.

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates were asked to stand and thank their families. The Bachelor Degree and Masters graduates all stood and turned and applauded (and more than half of them were international students (given their names that were not Anglicised in any way) and I am not sure their families were even there). The PhD graduates did not stand until Nathan stood up "C'mon guys!" As he said afterwards, he has to acknowledge his family's role in him finishing his PhD - without us, he would not have gotten there.

As someone said last night, you've all done very well.



  1. Hi Lynne. Fantastic! What family history. Tell me what the PhD was in?

  2. Congratulations! I just finished my PhD in June, but have to wait until next spring for the ceremony.

  3. yay congrats Nathan! Too bad you didn't get the shrug finished but it looks like you managed to find something :) Have fun celebrating!

  4. Fantastic! Congrats Nathan!

  5. Congratulations to Nathan on his academic achievement, and to you for your support! So great that you were all there to celebrate with him.

  6. Simply Fantastic!!Well done and congrads!!!

  7. Yay for Nathan - he looks great in his robes. Have fun!

  8. Congratulations to all the Bonnneted and Hatted!!! Well done, A shrug is neither here nor there. Good work everyone!!!


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