A lovely loooooong weekend

G'day all!

Had a lovely weekend in Adelaide (some might ask how this is possible but it is very possible indeed!). We did lots of family stuff - Nathan has lots of rellos there. I have none! We muck;, followed by a couple of days of tooling around Adelaide and a train trip home.

I finished the black shrug in time for Grandma J's birthday party.

I finished a sock. I would've finished two socks except I had to do an extravagant cuff and cast off.

Do I have pics of them?

:-D Hello, this is me! That is to say, no. Not yet. I was too busy with Other Stuff. And most of the pics from the weekend are on Nathan's laptop and it was being disagreeable and telling me "You can't do that" quite a bit. But I have a couple of pics to share, just cos they are pretty (even if they do belong on my travel blog).

Sunset on Saturday night. A cold front had blown through and the sun peeked through just before it went to bed.

Morialta Creek. How Australian is that view! (Except the creek has water in it, albeit heavily algaed water).

More soon, when I've got pics. I might even have the second sock finished by the end of the day (especially given I've got the gut gripes and won't be doing much. Plus my skin is going ballistic - it's dried out and I've feeding it So. Much. Moisturiser. My face skin is so dry it felt like a mask two days ago and now is starting to flake. Not sure if the skin and the gut are both suffering the same problem but they are both forms of skin).



  1. Beautiful pictures, and I will await photos of your knitting patiently!!!

  2. Sounds like you had fun!


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