Shrugwatch 2009

G'day all!

Welcome to Shrugwatch 2009. Can I knit a whole shrug in just over 24 hours?

I started at about 6pm yesterday. I knitted as much as I could, though I also had to cook dinner and clean the dining table (you would not believe how messy it gets when cakes like THIS and THIS are on offer!).

I knitted in bed, just a bit. Don't like knitting in bed - bed is for lying in not sitting up and knitting is annoying when you lay down.

I got up and knitted.

At 9am, here is what I have so far:

Roughly 32cm long. 180 stitches cast on, two rows knitted (started with a purl to see what happened), on the 3rd row I p1, p3tog all the way across except for the last three stitches where I p2tog, p1. I knitted another two rows, then p1, p3tog all the way to the last stitch, p1. 42 stitches or so. Then I did one row of garter and started a simple lace pattern (?horseshoe arch?). I've increased every 6-8 rows once I had most of the lace pattern done.

Whoops, taking much to long to blog this - keep getting distracted by my knitting!

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates of a black thing being knitted.

ETA - 10am. First ball of yarn consumed. Shrug just over 40cm long. I may not need all five balls that I bought yesterday.

ETA 2:30 pm. Survived numerous interruptions - dusting and vacuuming for the arrival of Granny and Grandpa, the arrival of Granny and Grandpa, the leaving of Granny and Grandpa. Also had to frog the lace back on the second sleeve as I used the wrong double decrease. Have maybe half an hour's knitting left in the second ball - think I'll only need three balls all up out of the five! This means I can make matching fingerless mitts and a beret out of the remaining two balls. But that is later. Now I have to get this finished, do washing and also get some new undies cos really? 5 pairs is not enough! Graduation in 5.5 hours and counting.



  1. Looks good so far! Good luck getting it done!

  2. Congrats to Dr Nathan!

  3. Looks great. Congratulations to Nathan on getting his PhD!

  4. It's like 24: Shrugwatch really, will the terrorist lace blow up the shrug in 5.5 hours?? Or not???


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