FO - PSC October - Inside Out

G'day all!

I have at last finished the PSC socks for the month. They seem to have taken forever, possibly because I did them two at a time and they are a really dense knit. The ribbing was pretty intense and the cables! Argh, oh the pain of it all!


But they are done and they get on my feet (just - the cables really pull the ribbing in), so I have a nice warm pair of socks to wear just as the weather is warming up for a few days. LOL (I was brave today and put my washing out on the line - oh the joy of drying clothes outside on a line! Bliss!)


Details on Ravelry. Inside Out by Kaci of Blue Moon Fiber Arts in one of my fave yarns, Socks that Rock, mediumweight.


They are designed to be worn either way - which is in the inside or the outside (ok, I can't follow directions and made a stocking stitch toe).


All in all, a fine pair of socks but not a pattern I am likely to knit again!

I've been up to lots of stuff recently but haven't blogged - I've been a busy bee! Speaking of which, we keep finding bees inside, a worry cos Nathan is allergic to them, and my sister in sin was stung last night as she was making tea! She's ok though.



  1. Knitting at the Botanical Gardens in the Observatory Cafe tomorrow Sunday 18th from 11 ish if you are interested!

  2. Lovely socks - I like the pattern and yarn :)


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