I shall continue to buy Pt tickets

G'day all!

This admonishment/curse greeted me on the tram the other day:

I shall continue to buy tickets for the bus/tram/train. I do not want moths devouring my woollens - moths in my stash would be disastrous! I'm a goody goody suck suck that way anyway - the idea of being hooked off the train for not buying a ticket and then getting a $200 or so fine for not buying a ticket is horrifying to me. Of course I have the wrong attitude - I should be pushing my luck and avoiding paying fares. Instead I believe that my fare helps a little and is The Right Thing To Do. Just like I think taxes are inevitable and should be paid so that everyone gets access to things like healthcare and the dole when they need them. But I'm Australian. What would I know?

I have completed the heel turn on the socks 2.25 times. Yep, didn't like one of them so I ripped it out and it is working nicely this time. I really should follow the directions and not make it up out of my head. Soon I will be working the cable pattern. Then when I run out of yarn, almost, I cast the things off and voila! A new pair of socks. I have more yarn but it is Too Nice for socks (mmmmmmalabrigo!) so I shall either have to buy some or stash dive.

Oh, I saw the Serenity yarn I bought at Joann's in a LYS today. It is still pretty cheap - $5 something a ball. Not bad for sock yarn that seems pretty nice! And when I think about it, I bought two mismatched balls of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (??) to make a new pair of summer socks out of, so I guess I'll start on them next! Heels and toes and ribbing in the opposite colour (more ends than I like dealing with but DEAL!) Plus I have to figure out which pattern to make out of the lovely laceweight I bought at Morris and Sons the other day. 50g and something like 700m of luscious fine merino in dark teal. (I've already raved about that...)



  1. I believe in doing the right thing too. It makes me feel a bit fuddy duddy sometimes but I don't really care because I believe in Karma and all those people who don't do the right thing now, will have to face the consequences of their actions eventually.
    They must get a lot of knitters on the bus, maybe they should say things like "Your football team will lose'??
    Yuck, I hate unravelling socks, the stitches are so teeny tiny to pick up.

  2. I'm with you. I'd rather buy a ticket than get a fine.

  3. Several of my knits have recently been chewed upon, and I always pay for my tickets. :(

  4. How sad that Amy's knits have been chewed even after buying a ticket! Obviously not a thing of karma, just bad luck.


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