Wotisit - the winnahs!

G'day all!

Two weeks ago, I posted the final Wotisit. Final for the nonce anyway. Then I said I'd do the draw last Monday. Ahem. Ah well, I've finally been guilted into fixing it up! (Possibly because it means I can avoid the tangerine top for a little longer.) Ever felt guilty for not doing something when you said you would? I do it all the time. Must be more organised! Must fulfill contracts with other. Thinking of musts, I must also harrass the credit union again cos our cheques still haven't arrived and I have bills to pay - at home I can pay everything online or by phone but here many places still only take cheques. I am happy to pay small businesses by cheque cos credit card merchant fees cost a bunch but I do not see why big businesses make me pay by cheque. Only PG&E (gas/power) does online payments but the apartment complex is moving over, thank heavens! Last year one of the factors in choosing this place was online payments but that never happened cos a new management company bought it and alas did not offer the option of paying online.

Back to wotisit. We had a few new entries this time around - thanks! And you gotta be in it to win it, as they say.

BTW, I found all of these items in or around my kitchen.

a. wotisita

Quite a number of people said this was a sunflower, and that is correct! It is the centre of a sunflower. So fascinating!

b. wotisitb

We had a few guesses as skin on this one, and that is correct, just not human skin (thank heavens) - it is peach skin!

c. wotisitc

This is half of a rather elderly lemon that was lurking on the kitchen bench. I should've tossed it much earlier, or better yet, used it before it got sad... You would think that lemons would be easy to get here in California but I am always scratching to find them (at less than a dollar a lemon). Half the houses in Melbourne have a lemon tree in the back yard and the weather is a little less predictable than here.

d. wotisitd

Finally, as some suspected, this is an egg! But it is an empty eggshell held up to the light. It looked pretty funky and I couldn't resist :-)

So I guess you wanna know who the winners are, yes?

The overall winner, with the number of points scored was:


(There was a reason why I hadn't sent her prize yet...)

And the random winner was:

Robyn of Everyday Miracles! (I had to get a different random number - it chose Leonie for this and I figure it is better to spread the love around...)

(Note that I am too cheap to cough up $4.95 to get an account on random.org and have a verifiable for five years random number generated, where I and the winners can log in to check it. Nope, you just gotta believe me that the generator picked Robyn out of the list.)

So ladies, contact me by email and let me know what you want out my Etsy shop or any of the things listed here or here. Except the cute little sorta deco brown blue green bag, cos Robyn has that now! Then I can get it out in the post to you ASAP.


PS - got all excited cos Crazy Aunt Purl opened comments on her blog again, only she closes them real quick and also some idjits figured out where she works and posted the address... like dooooods, please stop taking away the fun for the rest of us!


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