The last wotisit

G'day all!

This is the last wotisit, certainly for now, mebbe forever. I started wotisit some time ago, thinking it would be a bit of fun for me and the people guessing wotisit. It would also get me a few more email addresses for people who read my blog = I could reply to their comments by email. Blogger does not capture email addresses for the people who comment, which makes it hard to email a reply to your comment.

Wellllll, I think I've had seven different people enter over the three months or so that I've been running wotisit. I'm not very good at encouraging participation in events. If I had been arranging Sock Summit, two men and their dog would've shown up. (But I must say that the world record attempt? I started that! Me! Others picked up the ball and ran with it - yay dudes! - whilst I was trying to see if it was ok with Steph and Tina, them being my close personal friends and all, NOT!)

So I bet you wanna know what last week's wotisit was?

Two of you sent me emails saying it is fleece and you'd be right! Take a bow! It is some of the dyed fluff for Nathan's birthday pullover (the one that won't be finished until a good week after his birthday...). It isn't Neptune, though it certainly looks a bit mysterious.

For the last wotisit, I am giving you FOUR pics. Under today's rules, you get one point for an incorrect guess, five points for a correct guess and no points if you don't guess. Makes sense, huh?

a. wotisita

b. wotisitb

c. wotisitc

d. wotisitd

So tell me what a, b, c and d are, or what you think they are to go in the grand prize draw of anything in my shop up to $25 value or any of the items I've put on the blog in the last couple of posts. Email your answers to me at natielthreeoneone at gmaildotcom. On the 24th of August (this year, I hope!), I'll announce the grand prize winner (whoever has the most points!) and the booby prize winner (no, that isn't the prize - that will be a little project baggie - the booby prize winner will be a random draw).



  1. Dear Lynne, I am a hopeless guesser at what things are, though I might just know one or two this time, but I think it is far too greedy of me to enter. I think some other people should have the chance to experience your bounteous generosity!!!
    Who knew it was you who started the whole world record thingy!!!???

  2. I would enter more often if I knew what the wotsits were!! The only ones I have guessed were both fleece!

    Anyway - here are my lame-o guesses...and I employed the assistance of an 8-year old boy with these.

    a) Sunflower
    b) Mars (boy suggestion)or tongue or skin (but if it's your tongue or skin I dont think you are very well).
    c) roasted garlic
    d) some sort of chocolate snack like an orange-flavoured Tunnocks Tea Cake (dont know an equivalent in the US or Australia).

    ps also employed the assistance of a middle-aged man, but we didnt get any better suggestions.

  3. Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca)1:37 pm

    Here are my wotsit guesses - I red your blog via Bloglines and have always meant to enter but I read blogs while up with an infant in the middle of the night
    a) middle of a sunflower
    b) skin? (not sure of this one - maybe of the same citrus fruit as below?)
    c)cross section of a citrus fruit
    d) Chocolate/marshmallow cookie - they are called viva puffs here in canada, can't remember what they were in OZ - it has been 12 years since I have lived there (4.5 years since my last visit)
    Hope you enjoy your grand adventure to Europe - Robyn

  4. I'm posting here because Alison has, and I have already won a prize so someone else can have a chance!

    a)the centre of a flower from the daisy family.
    b)skin, and dry skin at that.
    c)the cut edge of a citrus (probably lemon) cut crossways for juicing.
    d)a cracked egg where you can see the "skin" inside the egg that holds the white and yolk together, and there's a light shining through it making it look purple so it's probably a brown egg shell, not white.

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Hi Lynn
    I'm a fellow Aussie. I met you briefly at Orchard coffee roasting co last month before you slipped away.
    My guesses are No 1 Haven't a clue but there is some serious fibonacci sequencing going on there:
    No 2 Haven't a clue --- (I suck at this don't I)
    No 3 a lemon cut cross-wise that has been sitting out on the counter for a few days and is ready for the compost.
    No 4 A blown out egg that is cracked and is back lit to make it look very attractive and interesting.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip in Europe

  6. Anonymous6:38 pm

    PS I'm only anonymous because I can't remember my Google sign in.
    My name is Cathy and I'm originally from Melbourne or more specifically from a small town called Finley just over the border in NSW.

  7. Anonymous6:20 am

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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