A knitting update

G'day all!

There has been knitting! Rather bright and lurid knitting, knitting not necessarily in my favourite colours but certainly chirpy colours!

Ta-dum! One husbandly sock and the embryonic sock beside it. Note that the colours in the pic are rather dull (honest!). It is a rainbow two ply Zauberball yarn. Or is that Zauerball. Whatever! It is fascinating watching the colours change - 2/3 of the foot of the first sock had an orange ply that then went green. Fascinating. (Why yes, I loved Spock as an adolescent. His attitudes and approach to things still inform mine lord knows how many years later.) The pattern is a simple broken rib and uses one of Cat Bordhi's gusset increases.

I've been plugging along with the shop top too. I haven't finished the front properly yet but cast on for a sleeve cos I needed a quick win.

Hooray! The sleeves are mid-forearm length and pretty quick to knit up.

I'm still not keen on the fair isle/intarsia approach to the poinsettias. I still have more tidying up to do (pulling stitches so they are even or as even as I can get them to be!).

I think I prefer the duplicate stitch, unfinished as it is.

Two things that have amused me recently. Next door (the annoying neighbours with the doof doof and boom boom) have a lovely grey puss. He likes to sit in the window - he isn't allowed out. He-man next door yells at the poor animal all the time. The cat is a cat, y'know? He's gonna sit in the window and watch things. That is what cats do! But anyway that isn't the amusing thing. The amusing thing is that the cat is very very chatty. He talks a LOT. Meow! meow meow meow! Mwow! And his name? Ninja! The silent assassin....

Now for my 8 year old humour rearing its ugly head.

(Warning, indelicacy approaches!) I recently came across the word sharts. It's scatalogical. Anyway, Nathan and I were having a good giggle over this (remember a shared sense of humour is necessary in any marriage!) when he came up with "fits and sharts" (a spoonerism that will explain the term pretty much exactly) to describe the unpleasant aftermath of eating a variety of fish that is full of oils that are both indigestible *and* liquid at human body temps....

I had been musing over something recently when I suddenly realised that I tend to get along with men more than women. Geek men are the best. I had a good think about that one. I've met a heap of knitters but none have become my bosom buddy (then again, none at home either). That might be my fault cos I don't throw myself wholeheartedly into things - I tend to be hesitant and hang around the edges, ready to escape quickly if need be. Maybe it is something to do with competition. I am terribly competitive but at the same time I back right off when I know I don't have a chance of winning (which is most of the time!). Maybe it is to do with wearing the "right" clothes and acting in the "right" way. I'm not interested if it is a "brand name" I just care if it fits (me and my budget) and is comfortable and looks ok (or better) on me. I carry around a tote bag I bought at Kmart two years ago for $5 forheavenssakes. I make some of my own clothes and love tie dye! I'm hopeless at the girly stuff, always have been. I don't talk about the right things (clothes, men, hair, babies, etc). Topping it off, I tend to be shy when I feel I don't fit in (which is often). But I sit down at a table of Nathan's workmates and apart from not knowing computer stuff, I feel like I've slipped right in. Having the interns around has been fun (much talk of sea bass with fricken laser beams and other stupidity). I guess I am a geek or a nerd. Always have been, always will be.




  1. Yippeee - geeks are good :) Well being one helps :)

    I love that sock. I've got some grey Zauerball so will have to get that out for knitting next.

  2. I love the colours in the sock!

    Had a giggle at sharts :-D Reckon I'm pretty similar to yourself in the geek/not-fitting-in-with-girlies department too :-D


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