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G'day all!

The days are just flying by at the moment. I have more things to do than you could poke sticks at, even if you had a very large number of sticks!

I just sat a library page exam. A library page shelves books at the library. Not the world's most high-falutin' job but I've always loved books, love hanging around in libraries and being paid to do what I do quite often (which is put books in the correct order rather than the way they are on the shelf) would be great!

Anyway, I show up with a couple of moments to spare (got a phone call at a *very* bad time!) and show my id and hand over my application.

There were over FORTY people applying for TWO positions. Two positions of between 8 and 20 hours per week in four hour shifts, positions paying $11.04 an hour.

There were school kids, business men and women (well dressed, shiny shoes, sleek hair), accountants (I reckon the guy opposite me was an accountant - note that I put them in a different basket!), house wives/stay at home mums, oh my, all sorts of people, including me (a bored housewife). I felt really embarrassed to be there cos if I did get one of the positions, a) I am going away for two months and b) if people who look like that are going for such menial jobs, they must be really desperate and I feel like I am trying to take money out of the mouths of babes (and I don't mean hot chicks, I mean peoples' families).

Anyway, the test was sorta fun. I haven't worked my brain that hard in ages. You had to sort names in alpha-order, compare two names or numbers for sameness, put numbers in numerical order, then sort some dewey decimal type numbers (and oh gosh, didn't I have fun with 001.01 and 001.001! - the latter comes first, has to, cos zero comes before 1). I started at the back and worked forwards - everyone else started at the front and worked the other way but I figured this way noone could copy my answers! Not that I get peeved with cheats or anything (you oughta see me get huffy when someone jumps the queue, and then me get embarrassed if the line-jumper is me!).

So... I've been clearing out some stuff. I have a heap of bits and pieces that I've never put up on my Etsy shop for various reasons, mostly due to trying to get good colour representation. I have a love of colours that fall outside the camera's gamut. I've tried to match the colours as much as possible on my laptop (but it doesn't have good colour representation anyway). The colours below are reasonably good but your colours may vary!

Hand-dyed yarn
From top left, going clockwise,

  1. khaki slightly variegated worsted weight 100% wool, feltable, 4oz
  2. emerald teal self striping sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon, light sportweight (size 3 US/3mm needle), 270y in two skeins, hand or machine wash on gentle
  3. rocky seas self striping sock yarn, 75% wool, 25% nylon, light sportweight (size 3 US/3mm needle), 270y in two skeins, hand or machine wash on gentle
  4. minty (lighter than shown!), slightly variegated worsted weight 100% wool, feltable, 4oz

Plus I have some chocolate cherry sock yarn in the same weight as above. I absolutely cannot get accurate colours for it or adjust the colours. The red is a cherry plum red or a red wine colour, the brown is dull chocolate. The links show some pics of it but they are not colour accurate!

I have some handspun mauve merino tencel for sale. It is not perfectly spun yarn but there sure is a lot of it and anywhere where the ends have not neatly spun in you can effectively spit splice by wetting them and rubbing them against the yarn. It will come up very nicely. I am offering it simply because I have a fair amount of yarn in these sorts of colours and even more is just a Bit Too Much. It was dyed by Tactile Fiber Arts with natural dyes. It is very pretty if that is your thing. There's over 100g and roughly 600m of yarn! It's between a laceweight to a fingering weight. I wouldn't recommend it for socks as it has thinner bits.

If you like any of these, make me an offer! (I would prefer to be paid for my work ;-) I will probably list them on Etsy but cos Etsy charges me to list and charges me for every sale, I have to add a couple of dollars to what I charge my friends. Therefore, if you like, let me know. I want to move these things on and I won't think badly of you if you offer me $10 for any of them, I just won't sell them cos they all cost me more than that! LOL

Tomorrow I am going to show the little baggies that have been waiting for six months for me to list them. Egads! There's more little baggies to come too cos I found a secret stash of them by the sewing machine. I have to iron them again and do the cording in them then they are done too!

I might even show off some knitting - the first DH sock is nearly done and holy cow it is a doozy! The front or back of the shop top is almost done too - it is next on my Very Important Things To Do list. Then there are the two quilts, one of which I've screwed up! LOL I start sewing and just go mad, don't think, just DEW! lalalalalalalaaaa - oops!



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