Accidental blogging break

G'day all!

I've overloaded myself with things to get done this week. Looks like I am taking a little blogging break cos I just haven't got enough hours to do everything (especially when it takes five minutes to sew something badly and half an hour to rip it out again...).

I need to announce the winners of Wotisit but I haven't totted up all the numbers yet nor done the random draw. I haven't even sent out the stitch markers from the last prize! My VERY bad indeed.

Anyway, I have a sock, a quilt and some spinning to finish up before tomorrow evening. Then I have to knit just under half of the tangerine top for the shop. Then I have to get cracking on nathan's birthday sweater.

Oh, for anyone reading this in the south bay area, Nathan's birthday Wednesday night at the Sonoma Chicken Coop on Campbell Ave in downtown Campbell, 7pm. Be there or be someplace else.



  1. I'd totally go to the Coop, but we're going to be in downtown San Jose dressed as zombies.

  2. Have a great time at the coop.

  3. Sadly, I will be Somewhere Else, but we send Birthday Wishes to Nathan!!!
    Good luck with all your endeavours, I hope it goes smoothly!!


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