G'day all!

A while ago, I decided I would keep on going with the next quiltalong, the one following this quilt (which is the baby one, not the bed-sized one which is still awaiting its basting and quilting):


The current quiltalong is a zigzag quiltalong. After weeks of toil and trouble and things boiling in the bathroom (currently known as the dragon in the bathroom, aka the iron), I have managed to get the quilt top made. It is about single bed size (aka twin bed in the US, which is not a double bed - that is a double or full).


(Do you like the lighting? That is known as the only place I could hang it with good light is the lattice between us and the neighbours, and even with the flash it still has the lattice showing through and you can see various of the seams too.)

Now it has to be basted and quilted and bound. Then it will be done. Hooray!

I have another half-square triangle quilt to make up. It was meant to be a zigzag similar to the one above. Except some stupid git sewed the wrong squares together and cut them in half (hence half square triangles) and realised she had done them wrong. After running around with my hands in the air for an hour or so, I decided to choose a new layout for them.


I think if I can pull this one off, it will
a) be a miracle, and
b) look fantastic!

My sewing machine told me its name this morning. Only took most of a year (rather like the car, Helmut Rasenspiel, and the bike, Percy Raleigh, Esq.). The other day we watched Wyrd Sisters, the cartoon adaptation of Terry Pratchett's book. One of the characters, voiced by Jane Horrocks, is called Magrat. Well sometimes the sewing machine makes noises that sound like Magrat's voice. So for the first time in my adult life, I am calling something by a female name. Magrat the sewing machine.

That leaves only the spinning wheel. It hasn't announced its name yet.

DH discovered that there are a heap of Pratchett books that have been turned into either live action or animated movies. We've been going through them all. So far, we've enjoyed "The Colour of Magic," "Wyrd Sisters," "Soul Music" and are halfway through "Hogfather." My only complaints so far are that Death is just a man with a mask on in Hogfather (very little expression) and the trolls in Soul Music were rather too fast and too clever and not rocky enough somehow.

I have to get pics of the tie dyeing I did - it isn't professional level but I had fun and hopefully DH will wear the things. I've already worn mine. Also I have been adding to my fabric stash. I am sooooo horribly bad. I have to stop but there are so many pretties out there and they seem to disappear quite quickly. I whine about having a messy/crowded house and then bring more stuff into it. Ahem. Hello! 8-)


PS can walk better today, not perfectly well but better. Hooray! This means I can go out on the bus this afternoon and not take half an hour to walk half a kilometre to it!


  1. Oooh - Magrat is a great name. Glad to hear legs are better.


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