Now with extra weekend

G'day all!

If only weekends came with extra weekend! Of course some might argue I have very very very long weekends, that I've had a never ending weekend for the last three years (can you believe it is three years since I last worked full time? I can!).

This weekend has been relatively unproductive. I carded up a big bag of fleece to spin. I ironed and ironed and ironed and ironed squares for the quilts I am working on. Oh gods, the ironing! (Technically pressing and sometimes it is pressing!) Very over that part of things. I sewed maybe 20 squares together. I knitted a sleeve of the shop top. I have to tidy up the back and finish the duplicate stitching of the third flower on it. It is almost half done, just as well too cos this is the third week of knitting it and I'm over it. The first of Nathan's birthday socks is done, the toe is complete on the second, now just for the rest of the it 8-) I bought fantastic vegies and stuff at the farmers' market and dragged it all home on foot, as always. I spun a part bobbin of yarn. And I busted the camera a bit but it still works (except I have camnesia).

The weather has remembered it is summer. There's been a fire burning in the mountains nearby and it sometimes gets smoky. Nathan seems to have a cold, I hope I am fighting it off - colds are useless things! We've watched a heap of second season MacGyver too. Last week we watched Coraline - what a good but freaky movie that was! Very Neil Gaiman. If I had seen it as a child, I'd never want to see a button again. (I wasn't very good with buttons as a child - I was fumble fingered and avoided them. I still prefer clothes without buttons even now.)

Continuing my theme of clearing things out, these little baggies are going up on Etsy this week. All are made of cotton, with cotton thread and cotton cording when I could get it, plus a toggle to cinch it with. They are sized for a sock or other small project. If you like any, they are USD9 plus $2 postage but overseas will be something ridiculous like $6. I'll have to charge more on Etsy...

Green project bags

Project baggies II

blue paisley bags

Tomorrow, camera and my memory willing, I will load the last wotisit and announce what the previous wotisit is. This will be the last one cos we will be away for most of two whole months soon.

Maybe I'll have an interesting, picture filled post tomorrow. You never know your luck!



  1. Ya know, I gotta believe that ironing is the absolutely worst part of quilting. I always say I gave up ironing in 1962 and never looked back...true! Except for when I'm quilting. Wish there was a way around it...

    Have a fabulous time on your trip. Can't wait to see all the pics!

  2. Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca)3:27 am

    I really like the pb_decoish baggie (brown, green and blue) - is it still available? R

  3. Very productive! We also watched Coraline this weekend and I agree that it was rather creepy. The boys enjoyed it altho the youngest had to sit on my lap once the other mother transformed...!

  4. In honorhonour of your trip home, I've broken out the red Patonyle and will be knitting socks soon. (-:


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