Woot! Europe here we come!

G'day all!

I have nothing new to show you for the nonce (but have a heap of pics for the blog/Etsy - I am going to put pics up here before listing on Etsy to give you a tease).

I just had to share that I have my ticket booked to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and things are starting to come together for the Europe trip. This is costing us a bit but only half as much as round the world tickets would! (I really don't get that.) We will be visiting Paris, Toulouse, Lucern, Munchen and various other places in between. We will celebrate our 5th anniversary in France or Switzerland.

Even better, the Wollmeise bricks and mortar shop? Only half an hour or so by train from Munchen, where I'll be spending the best part of a week whilst DH is at a conference. (Doh, it has just occurred to me that the place we'll be staying at won't have a kitchenette and I am going to have to take on German food when I have some pretty severe food allergies. Gluten-frei is going to be easy, milch-frei isn't that hard, wonder if that means dairy-free as well? I'm taking along some little cards that say what I can have and what I can't have, assuming I can find them online again. (Already found but I have to modify them for dairy-free.)

Anyway, had to gloat :-)

(BTW, my English friends? No time to get to England this time around. But if we manage to get a job/s in Europe? You'll be wishing I would stay away!)



  1. Heya Lynne,

    yes, "milch-frei" means dairy-free. Let me know if you need help with translations, I'd be happy to help!

    Greetings from Munich,


  2. When do you leave, Lynne? Have a GREAT time!

    And color me jealous...Wollmeise brick and mortar! Can't wait to hear about the damage...

  3. Want to meet in Paris? I can get the train from near me and it would take a couple of hours but I'd love to if you are up for it.


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