Oh the pain of it all!

G'day all!

This week I've been a Good Girl. I started the (long overdue) physiotherapy on my ankle.

The ankle is doing just fine. But I've pulled a calf muscle and walking is fraught, especially after I've been sitting down for a while. Hopefully it will calm down a little after I saw them again today - they were very unsympathetic and said it was just "tired." If it didn't hurt so much (ie it is most certainly alive) I think I would say it is more than pining for the fjords, mate, it's b*ggered.

Anyway, I've got a strength training thing for my legs now... I will have calves and thighs and maybe even ankles of steel after this!


I've been knitting on DH's birthday sock and on the shop top but really? Not much more to show. OK, the second sock is almost at the heel. The shop top has half of the front frill. Blah blah blah.

I've been working on the zigzag quilt, the one I haven't taken any progress photos of. Ooops. My bad, you can't see what it looks like. It is pretty funky but it has a few little problems here and there. Ah well. Alas this afternoon I pretty much ran out of cotton (thread). Tomorrow I have to either bus to Hancock's or ride to Beverly's to get more brown cotton thread. If I go to Hancock's, I can look at and maybe buy a suitcase at Rossdressforless cos they have good ones cheap(er) - a big suitcase with a name brand will cost $60-70 plus tax (gods I am still over the plus tax thing).


I've been hanging on getting our cheque books - we ran out TWO MONTHS AGO and cheques are still necessary in the US. They still haven't moved across to EFTPOS and online banking stuff. Silly people! Anyway, we ran out and having to go up to the closest branch (conveniently a 25 minute walk from Joann's) to get a bank cheque is annoying. So I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the things cos I ordered them three weeks ago and finally today I rang up to find out what was happening.

Well they were ordered and went out the very next day. To our Fort Collins address, where we haven't lived for the last 21 months.

So they've been cancelled and a new batch ordered with priority mail, at no charge to us cos really, why would we expect the address would not be updated? When our credit union screws up, they do not screw us, and I like them for that :-)


We got our new phone today. I bought an older Motorola flip phone V197 that is unlocked and "international." I fed it the AT&T sim card and charged it up and DH is now talking to his mum at home on it. It just worked. Fantastic! So you can call me on the old number and I can probably forget to check the phone as usual.... 8-)

Just to make sure you don't have a pictureless post, I've chucked in a couple or four shots of some recent sunsets. You can admire the lovely clear sky in some of them - we have to breathe that air!




  1. Hope your ankles sort themselves out. Beautiful sunset!


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