Quickie - Oddness

G'day all!

Today we have had three phone calls on our landline.

One from Sears for people who don't live here.

One from PG&E (gas and electricity) for people who don't live here.

One from a machine with a male voice that said "Due to technical difficulties at our end, your call cannot be taken. Goodbye."

Umm, why on earth did it ring us then? We are on a no call list too, so it shouldn't be telemarketers. I just don't grok that one - some company rings us but then can't talk to us. WTF?



  1. That happens here' I am on the Donotcall register, but I have been at peoples' house when the phone rings, they answer, and then a computer asks them to hold until someone is available to speak to them. Truly, telephones gone mad!!

  2. Keep track... if it happens more than once, you can report them (-:

    We used to get annoying calls offering mortgage and foreclosure help (as you know, we rent) from one number. I reported them...no more calls.

  3. silly indeed. almost sounds like a practical joke.


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