Wotisit 9 or so

G'day all!

Running late again - story of my life at the moment. Anyway, a while ago, I posted this pic:


and asked you to guess what it is.

Quite a few of you guessed correctly or close enough that it makes no odds. It is a post in a car park up at Crater Lake. It gets snowed upon, frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed and it makes the grain go all funny. If you said a stump, well it is really, just a stump especially formed for man's requirements.

Here's a pic of Crater Lake, just so you can go "oo, err!"


I promised a winner this week, didn't I?

Leonie! Come on down! You have won a set of five stitchmarkers in your fave colours (made to order) or the Cleopatra's Stockings pattern by Yarnissima.

Now this week's wotisit may be a mystery to some but I reckon you can guess what it is!


Send your guess to me by email (natielthreeoneone atgmaildotcom) with wotisit as the subject (makes it easier for me to find when I am checking I've put all the answers in my spreadsheet).

Next week's wotisit will be the last, at least for now. That means next week I'll be drawing the Grand Prize, which is your pick from my Etsy shop (which I desperately need to update). I expect I'll be going to Europe in September (haven't booked my ticket yet cos we are wrangling our visa card into submission - the next sentence explains why we are wrangling the visa card). I have the flights to Oz booked! 3 October to 2 November (though given we fly out at 6am on the 2nd and have to be there by 3am, I think we really leave on the 1st!).



  1. OOoooh can I please have some stitch markers? Greens and/or blues would be fantastic! Checked out the pattern for the socks but I don't think I'm up to knitting it any time soon! LOL!! Thanks again.

  2. Woo Hoo... I know you will have fun in OZ...just remember to come back!

  3. Exciting :) What a lovely pic.


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