Please return my memory

G'day all!

Heh. Just realised that my 5th blogiversary passed only 9 days ago! LOL I need to get a better memory, or I should've started blogging on a different, ie more memorable, day!

So what have been the highlights of the last 5 years?

Welllll, it is nearly five years since DH and I were wed


and went to Western Australia for our honeymoon (to see the wildflowers!).


We'll be having our fifth anniversary in France! Most likely we'll be in Toulouse.

Knitting highlights? Oh gosh. One of the problems with my blog from five years ago is that the server I used then no longer exists. That means either directly uploading pics in blogger, which I know can be a total PITA, or uploading them into flickr and copying across the urls. Either way, it means going back into every blog post, probably a couple of hundred of them, and replacing the pic urls. I am sure you can see why it hasn't happened so far! So there is no point linking back to the posts. Instead, we'll see how I've grown as a knitter, boast boast boast and spinner over the years (some of my 2008 and 2009 knits are on flickr, and some older FOs can be found here).

Five years ago, I didn't knit lace. Mum said I wouldn't enjoy knitting lace. Don't always listen to your momma! I prefer knitting lace to doing cables. I have no idea why.

My first lace was on the edge of a top that I am now going to give to a thrift store. Then I started other bits and bobs, like Icarus (that took me over two years to finish) and then more and more lace things. Now I knock off lace like I used to knock off stocking stitch.

Five years ago I didn't knit socks. Mum said socks are silly things to knit (she used to knit them many years ago, and given she's been dead for umm 18 years now, that means quite a long time ago!).

But I caught the bug, and one or the other of these socks were my first "proper" socks (ie not the ones knitted at the wrong gauge in thickish yarn).

3.5 years ago, I had this many handknitted socks under my belt (well you can't wear them above the belt easily and really they belong on your feet)(and a few singletons are missing from that collection). Now? Oh gosh, lots and lots and lots - a pair a month for the last 18 months I think and a few singletons along the way and some extras.

One of the best things, and the simplest, I ever knitted was this jumper/sweater/pullover for DH. He has worn it every winter since, and it was sooo warm in the Canadian winter!

Then there were the knits like this one, which is made out of the softest, butteriest merino wool you've ever felt (and dyed by me too). And I can't wear it cos I made it out of wool. ARGH!

In 2005, I got my first spinning wheel, seen here with cat fascinated by the knot in the drive band.

By the end of the year, I had upgraded to this Majacraft Little Gem II, thanks to a small inheritance from my father. Isn't it a cute little baby wheel?


And the fleece collection started growing and growing and growing...


(I have about 12 or so fleece at home waiting for me to release them from enslavement in space bags...)

We also got two charming pussycats from the AAPS (a great charity, btw, who do their best to find homes for animals and deserve more support than they get).

Oh yeah, we bought a house, we survived the great banana drought, and seven months later I quit my job and suddenly we had very little income.... and 8 months later, we visited Colorado for a new job for DH,

and 3 months after that we moved to the USA. Then we moved six times in the next thirteen months.

Currently we live in Campbell, California. And today it is stinking hot and I just had to go out on the bike with the trailer to buy a new suitcase on the day that it is nearly 40C, the hottest day we've had in ages. And then I could barely fit the thing in the bike trailer.... LOL

PS - Now that I have gotten birthday stuff out of the way and bought new luggage (if only it came with feet rather than wheels) and organised the SIM cards for the phone and received the Eurail passes, I can organise the train bookings and catch up on the wotisit, the final one and announce the prize winners! And talk about the other stuff I've been doing recently.



  1. Holy Moly you guys look like teenagers in that picture, especially hubby without the beard.
    Happy belated Blogiversary!!!

  2. Happy belated blogiversary. Prolly going to book Paris train tix on Tuesday - exciting!!!

  3. What a great read,all those wonderful knits,thats "history" in the making!!Those wildflowers are out at the moment,my piccies on my ravelry via Flickr!!!


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